Born in the wasatch

Founded in 1989

Where it all started

The Front Climbing Club, initially known as The Bodyshop, was one of the first commercial climbing gyms in the country. We’ve been a part of the Salt Lake climbing community since 1989. Looking back on our heritage, you'll find the garage-style humble beginnings of a few friends who wanted a space to enjoy climbing together. Nobody knew at the time what they had started.

The old videos of the Professional Climbers Association (PCA) comps, organized by some of the original crew, shed light on the heart and soul of what has evolved into the gathering place we know today. Our core was, is and always will be our community. Our members love climbing, but are also exceptionally multifaceted. Over the years we’ve proudly grown to support the greater outdoor lifestyle and cater to a broad range of outdoor enthusiasts.

The Outdoor Spirit

Growing With you

The Wasatch Range has been a source of inspiration for us from the beginning as it constantly reminds us of the unlimited potential of adventure in the outdoors. Over the last three decades we have embraced and continued to invest in our home on the range. In the early 90s, The Bodyshop's intimate family outgrew the hub it had created and made the move to become The Wasatch Front Rock Gym. In 1999, The Wasatch Front relocated to the heart of SLC and became The Front Climbing Club, what we now lovingly refer to as "The O.G.". In 2010, we staked out the Northern Wasatch with the renovation of the original American Can building in downtown Ogden. Most recently, we expanded the O.G. from a 13,000-square-foot bouldering gym into a 50,000-square-foot full-service facility with routes, boulders, yoga, fitness classes, training and more to ensure our members can continue to stretch their own capacity.

In 2020, we are bringing the passion and energy of our community a little further south, to Millcreek.

More than just a climbing gym, we build elegant ground-up facilities to serve as a community hub and encourage outdoor lovers to discover their individual and collective potential, be that in the sport of climbing or otherwise. Despite our growth, we stay rooted and connected to our heritage and our responsibility of creating conscientious adventurers. Thank you for always pushing us and pushing yourselves and helping us to cultivate the awesome culture of our family!