2020 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING​ at The Front South Main

We are pleased to offer both a 200- and a 300-hour training this year. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are perfect for those who want to expand their knowledge beyond basic Yoga studies covered in most 200 hour trainings, deepen their own practice and learn how to teach and share yoga with others. Our teachers have a deep accumulative experience of both practicing under master yoga teachers and of teaching. 

This unique program is Yoga Alliance-certified and is open to new students of yoga as well as all levels of practitioners and teachers.

Information about 2021 Yoga Teacher Training is coming soon!! 


« Practice and study of yoga asanas linked by vinyasa
« Learn and practice teaching in a safe and supportive environment
« Hands on assisting / adjusting (students will stay with one partner the whole time to maintain safety standards)
« In-depth study of Yogic philosophies using ancient and contemporary texts
« Studying the Yogic path to inner freedom and expansion of human consciousness, implementing traditional Indian contemplative sciences
« Anatomy pertaining to Yoga (includes a hands-on cadaver lab study)
« Subtle body systems; Chakras and Nadis (energetic pathways)
« Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga pertaining to bodily health and nourishment
« Basic Sanskrit / Devanagri reading and chanting
« Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) and kriyas (yogic practices for mind and bodily health)

2020 Zoom Only Trainings

All classes will be online through Zoom. We will allow participants to personally record their Zoom sessions.


200-Hour Zoom Only: $1,100
300-Hour Zoom Only: $1,700


Our 200-hour YTT will run from September 16 – November 1. The 300-hour training will run in conjunction with the 200-hour training with the additional dates as listed below.

September 16, September 18-20, September 23, September 25-27, September 30, October 2-4, October 7, October 9-11, October 14, October 16-18, October 21, October 23-25, October 28, October 30-Nov 1

*Last week of 200-hour training, November 4, November 6-8

300-hour training continues; November 11, November 13-15, December 2, December 4-6, December 9, December 11-13

Wednesdays will be from 5:30 to 8:45 pm. Fridays from 5:30-8:45 pm. Saturdays from 9 am-6 pm with a 1-hour break. Sundays from 9 am-6 pm with a 1-hour break.

2020 In-Person Trainings* - Sold Out

Seventy five percent of this training will be available in person, held at our beautiful new shala in Millcreek, Utah at 4140 South Main St. There is a 10 person cap for these trainings. If you are unable to attend any sessions in person, you will have the option to attend via Zoom or record the class.


200-Hour In Person: $2,200
300-Hour In Person: $3,300

If you’d like to sign up for a payment plan for YTT, please register at the front desk. You will be able to make 3 payments:

200-Hour Payments:
$734 due upon registration
$733 due October 10
$733 due November 10

300-Hour Payments:
$1,100 due upon registration
$1,100 due October 10
$1,100 due November 10


The in-person schedule is the same as the Zoom schedule.

*In-person registrants MUST pay for the training upon registration online or at the front desk. You also must be a Front Climbing Club member in order to participate. This will give you access to unlimited yoga classes and our gym! Check out membership rates & perks here.

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