Meet Your Yoga Teacher Training Instructors

Meet Your Yoga Teacher Training Instructors

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  • On June 8, 2018
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Rebecka Cooper

Cooper has been practicing yoga since she was 16 years old and has been teaching yoga since 2010. She has completed two local 500-hour trainings, a 200-hour training, an advanced Forrest Yoga teacher training with yoga icon Ana Forrest, and a 5-day training with Seane Corn. Her teachers have diverse backgrounds in styles such as Iyenga, Ashtanga, power yoga, and restorative yoga. 

Cooper’s classes are a Utah favorite and she is known for her warm, poetic, and extremely authentic style. She has a climbing background and is an amazing athlete, painter, and writer. She has been carried through a major injury of 2 broken ankles through her yoga practice. 

Cooper can be seen around town on her motorcycle with her red cowboy boots and blonde curls flying through the wind. We are deeply blessed for her to be leading our Yoga Teacher Training program.

Sarah Jane Burkholz

Sarah Jane, The Front SLC’s yoga program director, has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1998 and teaching at The Front since 2009. She has completed two 200-hour Ashtanga-based yoga trainings and has been studying with R. Sharath Jois as often as possible. (Jois is the current lineage holder of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.) Sarah Jane has also studied extensively with senior Ashtanga yoga teachers Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor in Boulder, Colorado. She is learning Sanskrit and studying Yogic philosophy as well as other ancient Indian philosophies that relate to yoga. She’s planning her fourth trip to India which will occur October through November this year! During the trip, she’ll be traveling with Guru Sharath Jois, Eddie Stern, and other Indian philosophy scholars. It will be a learning journey to 10 ancient sacred sites in the Himalayan mountains of India

Sarah Jane will be covering Ashtanga Yoga, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and Sanskrit chanting for our training. She has had a lifelong interest and love for deep inner practices and tying them into bodily movement and function. Sarah’s style of teaching is informed from her experience of being a mother, which she loves to tap into with her students.

Sammy Brown

Sammy, authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher, is our special guest for this upcoming training and will cover anatomy and philosophy. Sammy is self-proclaimed yoga nerd–he’s a veritable walking encyclopedia on all things yoga. He’s been studying yoga and eastern philosophy since he was 12 years old and grew up around practicing yoga and meditation. He’s studied such schools as Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Raja Yoga. He’s also studied in India over the course of 5 years with Ashtanga Guru R. Sharath Jois and was authorized in Ashtanga in 2013. As a sought-after Ashtanga instuctor, Sammy has been teaching in Beirut, Lebanon for the past 6 months! Along with that, he’s taught in Istanbul, Turkey, Virginia and Connecticut. Sammy’s style is down to earth, very detailed, and alignment based. He’s has completed a 300-hour Yoga Therapy course in Northern California at the Ananda Seva Ashram and continues to study Ayurveda, alignment, anatomy, and both eastern and western philosophy.

Sammy is an E-RYT 500-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor with an emphasis in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Therapy. If you want someone to push you to the next level, he is your man. He has a wicked sense of humor, loves cats and motorcycles, and is highly lovable himself.

Maria Radloff

Maria is our special guest Ayurveda lecturer. She has been studying ashtanga yoga since 2008 and teaching ashtanga introductions for yoga teacher trainings since 2011. Along with that, she’s taught many studio ashtanga classes in the Phoenix and Salt Lake City areas since 2009.

Besides practicing ashtanga, Maria has been practicing and studying Sanskrit and Ayurveda. She has studied with Nicolai Bachman, Arun Deva, Niall Mandal (School of Practial Philosophy), and Cheryl Oliver. 

Maria has been an instructor for Inbody Yoga Academy since 2010. She has been studying ayurveda for almost as long, but officially began her studies at Kerala Academy in 2017 and is currently enrolled in the second year practitioner program. Ayurveda is the perfect compliment to yoga as they stem from the same philosophies and completely support each other. The eight limbs of yoga target the mind and body through the practice of focus and awareness. Ayurveda targets the mind and body through diet, routine, and lifestyle. Both sciences bring us back to nature and our natural, divine states.

Front Yoga Shala updates

Wednesday June 27th is a full moon, so there will be no Mysore class. Take rest! Check out our full yoga schedule here.

Sarah Jane will be out of town visiting her Dad in California from June 20 – 25. Sammy will be covering all her classes while she is gone and will be back on the schedule in July. Keep your eye out for our schedule change which begins July 1st. There won’t be any changes in classes or class times, just readjustments in teachers to include Sammy again!