Yoga Movie Night & A Shoutout to Our Yogis

Yoga Movie Night & A Shoutout to Our Yogis

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On March 8, 2018
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Save the Date

Saturday, March 24th is Yoga Movie Night! We will have a free film screening of On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace at 6:00 pm in the yoga room. This visually striking and awe-inspiring film follows photographer Michael O'Neill as he talks to the great Yoga masters in India, Tibet, and New York. Even if you are not into yoga, it is beyond likely that you will enjoy the film. Feel free to bring pillows, blankets, and snacks!

Progression, Regression, Plateauing, Persistence & Patience

Some days we have a "good" practice, some days we have a "bad" practice. Some days we wonder how we ever accomplished what we could do a year ago. Some days we feel like we will never progress onto the "next" asana. What matters is that we keep on going with steadfastness.

We want to give a shoutout to all of you that have shown such dedication to your yoga practice. All of you who keep showing up to our classes and working to refine your practices are such an important part of our yoga program. You give us teachers a reason to show up every day and continue our own yoga journeys. We love sharing with you and learning from you. Sometimes yoga, like anything else, can feel discouraging and frustrating; enough so to stir up deep feelings that we may not feel comfortable experiencing in a public space. Just know that this is normal. This is actually a very important part of the practice if we can learn to let go of our attachment to these feelings and just witness them as they are, and then move onto the next breath and the next asana. Over time, with patience and persistence, our bodies change and sometimes we are able to do things in our asana practice that we would never have thought possible. These moments can bring extreme joy, moving us to the opposite end of the emotional spectrum. But it is also wise to not attach ourselves to these ecstatic feelings either because eventually, we will lose all of this. The journey itself is what is truly important. One word for this steadiness of non-attachment is called equanimity.

From the dictionary:
mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.
"she accepted both the good and the bad with equanimity"
synonyms: composure, calm, level-headedness, self-possession, coolheadedness, presence of mind; serenity, tranquility, phlegm, imperturbability, equilibrium; poise, assurance, self-confidence, aplomb, sangfroid, nerve; informal, cool
"she confronted the daily crises with equanimity"

Yoga is meant to be practiced throughout one's entire lifespan in one way or another. Depending on so many circumstances, we approach our mats each day with a different body and a different mindset. We must adapt our practice to where and what we are at each moment. This takes utter concentration and awareness which eventually can lead to true meditation, the goal of yoga. The goal is definitely not to have ripped abs, although that is absolutely a common side effect for many! Each person's body and mind are different also, so comparing ourselves to others is only a distraction that does not help anything. Comparison is a waste of time unless we are doing it for the pure sake of learning. Keep on keeping on, with equanimity; and if you need to find a yoga buddy to keep yourselves accountable, do it! If you need to schedule your classes into your calendar complete with alerts, do it! And you will reap the benefit of a clearer mind and a healthier body. Thanks again for keeping up with your practices, you are all an inspiration. See you in the shala!


Photos by Michael O'Neill