How to Throw A Party! (Your Company Will Love)

How to Throw A Party! (Your Company Will Love)

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On December 5, 2017
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...almost every company holiday party that has ever lived. However, there is always that nagging fear lurking in every event planner's mind... will co-workers actually enjoy themselves? These are people who spend their time together as co-workers and taking them out of their familiar relationship with one another can sometimes be a recipe for a dull party! Alternatively, maybe you have amazing company cultur—everyone hits happy hour together after work and genuinely values their co-workers also as friends.

The Front Climbing Club can create a memorable holiday party to fit any company culture. The Front adds two valuable elements that the traditional holiday party lacks: a focused challenge for all your employees to engage in together as well as the ability to move and be physical (a welcome reprieve from the desk).

We like to recommend that you start with a group climbing activity—we have a private third-floor space if most employees in your organization are brand new to the sport or you can access our amazing 70-foot walls on the main floor. We offer experienced instructors that will teach your group to belay and address the fundamentals of climbing safely such as communication and proper rope skills. Co-workers will be cheering each other on as they experience the thrill of learning a new skill and relying on each other for a safe belay.

Is climbing out of the question? We also offer group yoga activities in a private atmosphere. Or if your team is split, feel free to let them have the run of the facility and do whichever activity they like!

After the climbing ends, we also offer a private space for your company to continue the festivities; our event planner can assist in catering and beverage needs. From craft cocktails to light catering, board games to music we will help you create a company party that employees will be truly psyched to attend!

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