The Front Line

As The Front grows...
so does our ability to give back and make a difference in our community

What We're Up to

The Front, previously known as The Body Shop and The Wasatch Front, has been a part of the Salt Lake climbing community since 1987. Over the last three decades, we’ve gone through big changes such as moving locations to where SLC gym is now, opening up a second location in Ogden, and expanding The Front SLC from a 13,000 sqft bouldering gym to a 50,000 sqft gym with rope climbing, bouldering, yoga, training, a gear shop, cafe and more! However, over the years one thing has never changed – our love for the outdoors and the community that surrounds us. As our customer-base, reach and platform has grown, so has our ability to give back and make a difference in our community. That’s what #TheFrontLine is all about, and we hope you will join us.

Impact Coalition

Founded in 2018

The Front started the Impact Coalition in May of 2018 to provide ongoing support for nonprofits that are working hard to make positive impacts in our community. First, we carefully selected four local nonprofits that focus on topics that are close to our hearts. Then, we partnered with our members, who now have the option to donate $1/month or more to one of those amazing organizations. Each year, we match those donations up to $40K! Since it’s creation, our team and members have provided over


in support of local nonprofits

Climbing Up for Air

Since 2018

In the Salt Lake Valley, the fight for clean air never stops. Running Up for Air, founded by world-renowned athlete Jared Campbell, has been supporting Breathe Utah since 2012 through a daunting fundraising endurance challenge. In 6 years, the runners of RUFA raised over $36K to improve our air quality! Then The Front proposed that our athletes join the fight in a climbing endurance challenge! Since our partnership in 2018, RUFA and CUFA together has additionally raised over


in support of Breathe Utah

Farmer Next Door

Since 2018

We partnered with longtime friend and owner of Farmer Next Door, Jill Bell to provide our members with discounted CSA shares at The Front. All proceeds go directly to Farmer Next Door and the local growers, ranchers, cheese makers and food artisans they support. This program is thriving and is proudly supporting

23 local farms