Introducing: Stay Gold Photo Parlor

Introducing: Stay Gold Photo Parlor

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  • On October 23, 2018
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Meet April and Josh Judkins! They’re long-time Front members, amazing human beings, and freshly minted owners of their new vintage trailer photo booth business, Stay Gold Photo Parlor, based in Salt Lake City!

When we heard about the launch of their new gig we immediately booked them for our annual Deadpoint Climbing Competition! That’s right – they’ll be snapping photos from 6-8pm on Saturday, October 27th at The Front. So, get your Halloween costume and head to The Front on Saturday for fresh routes, fresh prizes and fresh photo strips for your refrigerator door to permanently document how much fun you had on Halloween 2018! 

Back to April and Josh, we asked them a few questions so we could learn a little bit more about them, their new business venture, and what they like to do with their free time…

Tell us a little bit about yourselves, your background, and how you met!

April was raised in the shadow of Mount Magazine near Paris, Arkansas before moving to Dallas after college. Josh was raised in Oklahoma and moved to Salt Lake City chasing snow in the 90s. Our lives were determined to bump into each other. 10 years ago we were randomly introduced by an even more random friend and we ended up having a pretty rad connection and friendship. We moved to SLC together 5 years ago and were married a few years later. The more time we spend together the the better it gets and the longer our “things to do” and “places to go” lists get!

What inspired you to start a photo booth business? How long did you know you want to do this before it became a reality?

We both developed an enjoyment for photography in our youth. Josh filming and snapping during skate sessions with his friends. April documenting her family farm with a 110-film camera. Together we log most of our life through photography and are constantly filling up photo albums. We have a close friend back in Texas who started her own vintage trailer photo booth business called PhotoWagon. She introduced us to the concept and we felt it was something we could really do in our own style and Utah, especially SLC, could appreciate it. A photo booth in a vintage travel trailer is just so fun! It truly embraces a sense of adventure and fun that connects with who we are. Plus, photo booths are just rad! Who can resist one? We can’t!!

What kind of services do you offer? Do you do all types of events?

The classic printed photo strips is our jam. Printed photos are under-rated these days.  Everything sits on our phones or our social media accounts. A photo strip is tangible, its real and it tells a story. We want to share that with everyone. Since Goldie, our 1958 Cardinal Trailer, has that round ‘canned ham’ frame she has a lot of space space allows for creativity and can hold large groups. Plus…. We can go off the grid! So yeah, we are open to almost anything. 

Tell us a little bit about the restoration of your vintage trailer, Goldie! What was your favorite part of the process?

OH my!! It was a bigger project than we anticipated, and we enjoyed it more that we could have imagined. It has has been amazing seeing her literally come back to life. We share a soft spot for classics and when we met Goldie we knew we had to save her! The day we found her was the BEST!!! We had been on the hunt for the perfect project trailer, digging around online, offering old ladies cash for trailers parked in yards and fields. Then one day she popped up! After nearly 300 miles in sketchy weather we got her home. That was the best day!

Where did the Stay Gold name come from? As followers of you Instagram, we know April has had the username @staygoldaprildawn for quite some time!

Stay Gold is something that has stuck with April since her high school years and it has lived as almost a footnote to everything. We have lived our lives ignoring most conformities and breaking away from limitations. Just be real. Be yourself. We want anything we put our hands on to be a reflection of that. Our business is a photo booth, but we want it to be a reflection of who we are and how we feel life should be. Get outside, make memories, and have fun! 

How long have you two been Front members? What’s your favorite thing about The Front?

Josh has been a member of The Front since 2005 and April since 2013. There is a lot to love about The Front – this facility, team, and community. The Front really is a community, not just a place. We have met some our closest and dearest friends on that OG bouldering wall and we continue to gather there to climb, catch up, and swap stories together.

How long have you been climbing? What are your favorite crags?

Josh started climbing on the side of his grandparent’s house not long after he could walk and started climbing in his local gym in when he was 13 years old. Josh introduced April to climbing while we were living in Texas by taking me out to Reimer’s Ranch in Dripping Springs. I was terrible and terrified, but I was hooked. We moved to SLC only a couple months after and were climbing at The Front within the first week. There are so many amazing and truly special places to climb here in Utah. LCC, American Fork, Joe’s Valley, and the Uintas claim most of our time although Bishop calls out to us constantly. We love that place. 

Outside of climbing and your new business, what can you often be found doing?

There is a grip of things we balance our time between. All of which breathe a unique sense of life into us. Restoring, building, and riding motorcycles has been a huge part of our years together. Snowboarding dominates our winters and we crave it all the time. Hiking, camping, art, creating, more working, and hanging with our 2 pups fills most of the in between.

Be sure to stop by April and Josh’s photo booth at Deadpoint on Saturday, October 27th from 6pm – 8pm! Plus, follow along on their adventures on Instagram!

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