Rumsy, The Front’s beloved unofficial greeter for over a decade, brought joy to all who pet him. He was often found lying in the parking lot covered in leaves, hanging out in the retail shop or chilling on the pads in the old bouldering gym. With a wag of his big, fluffy tail he could flip a bad day on its head, and he had such a strong and calming presence that you couldn’t help but feel special when he sat next to your plastic chair to say what’s up, making you forget about your problems (sometimes literally – he could really put a stop to your bouldering sesh).

When Rumsy left the world at the ripe age of 16, he left behind hundreds of Front members with broken hearts and full memories. The only thing we could think of that could come close to matching the happiness Rumsy brought into our gym is plenty of good food and good beer! So, it seemed fitting to us to carry on Rumsy’s legacy with our new café; a space for you to sit down, take off the day, share quality time with your friends and forget about your problems, just like Rumsy would’ve wanted (he also would’ve wanted some of your burrito).

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Monday – Thursday | 7AM – 10PM
Friday | 7AM – 9PM
Saturday – Sunday | 9AM – 9PM


On the third floor of The Front Climbing Club
1470 S 400 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84115