Q&A with SLC Mayoral Candidate David Garbett

Q&A with SLC Mayoral Candidate David Garbett

  • Posted by Tim Behuniak
  • On July 30, 2019
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Being a member of The Front’s community isn’t just about eating healthy and sending your proj, it’s also about being mindful of our local and national political climate, because decisions made at every level can affect the future of our sport and the outdoors we love. This means being informed on pressing matters like climate change and homelessness solutions, and knowing who is running for office and what they stand for. In this light, we welcome political candidates to our space to answer our questions about the issues on the ballot so we can understand the platforms propelling our political landscape.  

Our Salt Lake City primary mayoral election is coming up on August 13 and you will have eight candidates to select from – Do you know who you’re voting for? 

If not, no need to get an Elvis leg about it – you still have time to get informed!  

To help make your decision, David Garbett, one of the mayoral candidates and member of The Front, will be holding a Q&A session in the courtyard on Monday, August 5 from 7 – 8 p.m. The event is free for members and guests are welcome with a day pass. 

Please RSVP to the Q&A on Facebook and encourage your friends and family to get informed and vote, too! 

According to his website, Garbett is running for mayor of his hometown because he believes that “Salt Lake City has everything it takes to become world-class, just like its mountains.” Visit his site to learn more about his platform, and visit this page for more information on all the candidates running for mayor!  

Voting Information

Whether or not you attend this Q&A, make sure you’re fully prepared before heading to the polls. In order to vote in the August 2019 primary, you must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, be registered to vote and have lived in Salt Lake for 30 days prior to the election. 

You can register to vote online, in person or same-day. You must submit online registration by August 5 and provide a Utah driver’s license or state ID with your current address. To register in person, visit the SC County Election Division at 2001 S. State St, S1-200 by August 5 with the last 4 digits of your social security number or your Utah driver’s license. To register same-day, you can visit an early voting location or an election day vote center. You’ll be asked to complete a provisional form and be required to provide a federal or Utah state issued photo ID and proof of residency. If you’re already registered to vote but recently moved to a different address within Salt Lake County, you do not need to re-register, but you will need to update your address by calling (385) 486-8683 or by emailing got-vote@slco.org 

Voters can cast their ballots either in the mail or in person once registered. If voting by mail, you must put your ballot in any outgoing mailbox or postbox by August 12. Though, mail ballots will be sent only to active voters. If you haven’t voted within the last eight years, call (385) 468-8683 to update your address. 

Voters can also drop off their ballot at any ballot drop box up to 8 p.m. on election day or at any early voting center. There are two early voting centers, one located at The County Clerk’s Office and the other located at Trolley Square, 600 S 700 E, D-117. 

Voters can also register in person by voting at an early election or election day voting center. You must turn in your unmarked mail ballot, then use an on-site electronic voting machine. If voting in person, you must provide a federal or Utah state issued ID with a photo and current address that matches your voter registration address. 

Tribal and treaty ID cards may also be used as ID, even if they do not have a photo.  

Click here to find election day voting centers, which will be open from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. on election day.  

For additional info about the registration and voting process, visit vote.utah.gov/ 

*The Front has not officially endorsed any candidate. All parties and candidates are welcome to contact The Front for the opportunity to speak.