Front Yoga Basics

We offer yoga classes for both members and guests. New members as well as drop-ins are always welcome. Yoga at The Front is an excellent choice for anyone from a beginner to a long-term yoga practitioner.

We provide unique classes and care about our practitioners. Our classes offer a non-competitive environment that is conducive to learning and expanding one’s ability.

All classes are held in our wood-floored studio. Participants have full access to our locker rooms, showers, saunas, climbing, and to our weight and aerobic equipment.

Beginning classes require no previous experience; all fitness levels are welcome. Students are encouraged to come on an empty stomach, hydrated and with an open heart and mind. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class is scheduled to begin.

Wear comfortable clothes and leave shoes outside the classroom. Bare feet are encouraged. Please let the instructor know if you have any injuries or have had recent surgeries that might cause pain during a yoga session.

*We don’t teach Mysore or Primary Series classes on full moon or new moon days. See below for those dates.

Did You Know...

We have the most extensive Ashtanga Yoga program in Utah! To learn more about Ashtanga, head to our Salt Lake Ashtanga Yoga webpage.

Your First Class is Free

If you haven’t ever attended a yoga class at The Front, it’s on us. When you arrive, just let the front desk staff know it’s your first time!

Also, our memberships include unlimited yoga classes! Interested? Learn more about membership rates and perks here.


As of Thursday, Oct 1,  you will need to sign up in advance for each class using RGPro Connect on either on our website below or on the app, available on iOS and Android devices. We are no longer using MINDBODY.

Class sizes will be limited to 10 students for now so that we can practice some good, healthy social distancing. Please bring your own mat and props. The studio won’t be providing these. Teachers and students are required to wear masks at ALL TIMES during class.

Please note: Our class booking window is 3 days to ensure you have an opportunity to get into the classes you want, and that your life’s schedule doesn’t change too much between now and then. There is a $5 charge for each no-show or late cancellation (less than 24 hours notice). If you have signed up for a class and you know you won’t be able to attend, please go to your RGPro Connect app and cancel your registration at least 24 hours prior to the class time to avoid a charge and to give the spot to someone else. Questions or concerns related to this fee can be directed to cancel.fitness@thefrontclimbingclub.com.

Choreo Yoga WORKShop

Choreo Yoga is a yoga method for the modern person that is a style of Integrated Yoga. It has its own technique of timing, passages, links, aesthetic asana, mudra (gesture), gaze, energy control, introspection, and meditation. It has been called a poem made by the body. It simulates a cascade of yoga poses, and is a beautiful moving meditation. It works the body like no other form of yoga. It also induces a connection to spiritual and artistic expression through the execution of the series. It is the link between art and yoga. It is based on the notion that “Art is the purest form of spiritual expression”. Different series can be created for all levels of fitness and all types of bodies.

Full/New Moon Days

In Ashtanga yoga tradition both full and new moon days are observed holidays from the practice. The moon’s relative position to the sun is seen to create strong energetic experiences and patterns in our bodies and minds.

Feel free to come in and use our space to do a gentle self-practice on moon days. Below are moon days for 2020.

New Oct. 16 | Full Oct. 31 | Full Nov. 30 | New Nov. 14 | Full Dec. 26 | New Dec. 14

About The Classes

Mysore Ashtanga
Mysore Ashtanga is an intelligently sequenced practice intended to be done 5-6 days a week. It increases strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and conscious awareness. Each person learns & practices at their own pace under the guidance of the teacher. This is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga from Mysore, India. The teacher assists and teaches new asanas as the student is ready. The class is for all people from complete beginners and to experienced practitioners. *Beginners, please come at the beginning of class time so you can be grouped with other beginners and plan on attending for about an hour at first so we can help you memorize sun salutations and establish a foundational practice on which to build. Remember to check the moon day calendar below for moon day holidays! Learn more about Mysore on our “Seriously, What is Mysore Yoga?” blog post.

Mysore for Beginners 

Mysore curious? Get your Mysore foundation here! We are committed to helping you learn the basics in this fun and encouraging class. Mysore and Ashtanga make our yoga programming special. Yoga at The Front Climbing Club is the only yoga shala (school) in Utah authorized by R. Sharath Jois of Mysore, India, the current head teacher or “guru” of Ashtanga Yoga. Our authorized Ashtanga teachers, Sammy and Sarah Jane have had many years of study under his tutelage and all of our Ashtanga teachers have had many years of practice under authorized teachers, through which this valuable practice was passed down with respect and love.

Ashtanga Foundations
This class is perfect for refining one’s understanding of the foundational aspects of the asanas (body postures) and vinyasas (specific ways of moving between asanas). Open to all levels

Half Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga 
Ashtanga Yoga is a science and a practice that has evolved over thousands of years.

Led together as a group, this is 1/2 primary series, slowed down a bit. We will also work on refining understanding of the foundational aspects of the asanas (body postures) and vinyasas (specific ways of moving between asanas). We may spend extra time learning specific guidelines to the practice and going over fundamentals such as proper alignment, jumping through and jumping back, chakrasana (backward somersault), learning how to headstand, etc. This class is open to all levels.

Primary Series of Ashtanga
The full Primary series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system taught in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. This intelligently sequenced practice involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of sun salutations and postures. We practice a full range of asanas after warming up with sun salutations, concluding with backbends, inversions, a short sitting and breathing practice and a 10-minute rest to ground and assimilate. The instructor calls out the asana names & vinyasa counts in Sanskrit and counts each breath to encourage a seamless, meditative, guided flow.

*Remember to check the moon day calendar below for moon day holidays!

**This class is not suited for complete beginners. We recommend that one participate in Mysore class before attending full primary series.


Unite your breath, body and mind as you flow through postures that will both challenge and calm you. This all-levels flow weaves in elements of ashtanga, arm balances and deep stretching in a playful and empowering way.

Yoga Lounge
With fresh, innovative and dynamic flows, this music infused class offers the perfect blend of heat and relaxation for a night time glow. We serve up this creative class for all levels of practitioner, beginners to advanced. Come grow and flow with us!

Blending the best of Tai Chi and Restorative yoga, we take the time in this class to slow down, relax and repair the body. Beginning with Tai Chi and Qigong we bring the mind and body into a state of connection and calm through mindful movement. With this calm connectedness we are able to dive deeper into our Restorative yoga, truly feeling into our movements. We the begin to open up the body with a restorative flow preparing the body for our deeper static poses. A class dedicated to holistic movement through connection of mind, body and breath.

Soft & Slow

As the day draws to a close, we offer a blend of mellow, grounding and restorative postures set to music, which will calm the body and mind in preparation for relaxation and rest. Breath, release of muscle and fascial tissue tension, and aligning the body in a healthful way are the focus of this class.

Meet the SLC Yogis

Alexis Maurice has been doing yoga since she was 16 years old. She started by attending vinyasa classes with her aunt and cousin. She completed the 300 hour yoga teacher training at The Front with Sarah Jane and Sammy Brown where she was introduced to Ashtanga yoga at the start of her training and has loved it ever since. Never having been a routine type of person, since she started her Ashtanga practice, she has been able to practice the same thing over and over again almost everyday. Alexis also likes to practice restorative and vinyasa flows. The aspects of yoga that she finds the most powerful, calming, and require her full focus are breath work and balancing poses.

“I’ve been working with kids at the front since 2018. I’ve worked climbing summer camps, after school program and coaching the Recreational Team. I love to help kids work through their climbing problems and help them send as much as they can. After spending so much time climbing with kids, I felt that I wanted to do more to help and I thought yoga would be the solution. I’ve been bringing in yoga at the end of Rec Team practice. We practice Ashtanga basics, vinyasa flows, restorative flows and balancing flows. This helps the kids with flexibility, strength and focus.

Yoga has taught me to use movement and stillness to connect with my breath and body, which is something that I invite everyone to try out. Yoga benefits everyone, especially kids! Kids could use a moment to relax and focus on themselves, also it is really fun, so come practice with me!”

Adrienne Dunlap was first introduced to yoga at the age of 13, going to occasional classes at the rec center with her mom or different studios with friends. While attending her first semester in college, Adrienne took a yoga class with an instructor who told the class her story of despair and how yoga had changed her life. This was when Adrienne decided that she wanted to become a teacher, to truly learn what yoga has to offer and be able to pass that gift on to others. Her time came seven years later, after graduating from college and finding a more consistent practice with the guidance of  teachers at The Front. She completed the RYT-200 in October 2017 with Sarah Jane, Cooper and Sammy. In addition, she’s continuing her yoga education through different courses and self-study.

“Yoga has influenced my life in so many positive ways and has allowed me to develop gentle strength and deeper compassion for myself and for others. I want to assist others in exploring yoga in the way that most resonates with them through reconnecting mind, body and spirit as well as creating a channel for self-discovery and self-love.”

Bailey Swingle started her personal yoga practice in 2007 after moving to NYC. It wasn’t long before she noticed the internal and external transformation that began to take place in her life. In 2010 she moved to the island of Maui where she committed to a daily ashtanga yoga practice with her teacher Nancy Gilgoff. After years of practicing and studying with some of the worlds most influential teachers, she realized her passion to share this experience with others. In 2012 she journeyed to India for her first teacher training and has been offering public classes ever since. Armed with this global, encompassing perspective she weaves all of her trainings into each class.

Certified at the ERYT-200 level, she invites every student, from beginner to advanced, to challenge themselves in ways they may have never thought possible. Balancing flexibility and strength, she teaches every detail – from breath awareness to alignment. Her classes are as dynamic as they are diverse, allowing each student to use their body as a tool to find balance in the mind and off the mat.

A student first, a teacher second. Lead by the incredible Maggie Smith, Bonnie Russell became a certified yoga instructor in 2014 within the discipline of Ashtanga. She loves to design flows that combine breath and movement while challenging the equanimity between strength and ease in a high energy setting with a killer playlist.

She gives you the opportunity to challenge your edge, open your mind and have some fun with your body and sweat! Come as you are.

Daniel Hill discovered his love for yoga while in college in 2008. In 2018, he completed a Yoga Alliance RYS-300 Teacher Training at The Front and began sharing his love and passion for the practice with others.

He continued his yoga education with Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor by attending the five-day Essentials Course in Boulder, Colorado (2019). He studied with Hala Khouri (2019) where he was educated on Trauma Informed Yoga. In October of 2019, Daniel took his first trip to India where he studied Sivananda yoga, Ashtangsa and Ayurveda in Kerela with Robert & Sarah Moses, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Sarah Pulmer-Holzman, Radhakunda das, Swami Govindanada and Rishi Chaitanya.

Daniel is also the author of the book Pattern Breakers. A guidebook on assisting those in creating healthy patterns, boundaries and cultivate a strong foundation of empathy to assist them in their work and beyond.

Jennalynn Vignogna found yoga about seven years ago while working at a gym in New York. Shortly after, she moved to Florida and began to explore various styles of yoga and developed a daily practice. She was introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 2014 and became fascinated with the elegance of the practice. Upon moving to Utah in 2016, Jenna completed her 200 YTT at The Front in the fall of 2017. Jenna’s hope is to help students use yoga to find grounding and balance in their everyday lives. When Jenna is not teaching or practicing you can find her cooking vegetarian food or outside hiking, biking or snowboarding.

Nicole did her first training with Prana yoga studio in 2012. Followed by a super health training : A Yogic Science to Break Habits & addictive behaviors in 2013. Then a 7 styles of yoga TT at the Integrated School of yoga. After that became a Yoga therapist 2016. Following that she completed a training in Red Kundalini Yoga and Ananda Shakti Kriya 2017. She then completed her Masters of yoga with Swamini Ma Shakti Devi where she did karma yoga.

Sammy Brown has been studying yoga and eastern philosophy since he was 12 years old and has grown up around practicing yoga and meditation. He has studied such schools as Iyengar, Hatha,  Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Raja Yoga. Sammy spent the past five years living in Mysore India where he studied Ashtanga Yoga at KPJAYI under R. Sharath Jois the grandson of Sri K. Patabbi Jois and is happy to be part of a direct lineage that is traceable to T. Krishnamacharya.

On his 2013 trip he received his level 2 authorization to teach Ashtanga. He has also studied under other senior teachers such as Tim Miller and John Friend while continuing an ongoing study with Richard Freeman. Sammy has completed a 300-hour Yoga Therapy course in northern California at the Ananda Seva Ashram and continues to study Ayurveda, alignment, anatomy and both eastern and western philosophy.

Sammy is an E-RYT 500-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor with an emphasis in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Sarah Jane is our resident yoga director. She has been studying and practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1998 and teaching at The Front since 2010.

Trainings in India with Guru Sharath Jois:
« December 2019 & January 2020: 2 month Ashtanga Yoga Study at Sharath Yoga Centrer in Mysore, India (December 2019: Received Authorization level 2 to teach full Intermediate and Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga from Guru R. Sharath Jois)
« March 2019, month long Ashtanga Yoga training at KPJAYI in Mysore, India
« October 2018, Namarupa Yatra with Paramaguru Sharath R. Jois, Robert Moses, Eddie Stern and Radhakunda Das, Himalayas, India
« Month long study at KPJAYI in Mysore, India, November 2016

Workshops with Guru R. Sharath Jois:
« October 2018, Namarupa Yatra with Paramaguru Sharath R. Jois, Robert Moses and Eddie Stern, Himalayas, India
« 6 day Led Intermediate and Primary Series Workshop and conferences with Guru R. Sharath Jois in Los Angeles, California, June 2017
« 6 day Led Intermediate and Primary Series Workshop and conferences in Los Angeles, California, June 2016
« 6 day Led Intermediate and Primary Series workshop in Los Angeles, California, September 2014
« 6 day Led Intermediate and Primary Series workshop in Encinitas, California, August 2013

Yoga Trainings:
« January 29-February 2, 2018, Advanced training with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor
« 5 day Essentials Intensive with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor in Boulder Colorado, January 2014
« 200 hour Ashtanga Teacher Intensive from Richard Freeman‘s Ashtanga Teacher’s Intensive including 4 hour hands on anatomy labs in Boulder Colorado, 2012 with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor
« Week long Yoga Intensive: Buddha and the Yogis: the Vajra Body 2011 in Phoenicia, New York with Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, John Campbell and Robert Thurman (professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University)
« Week long Ashtanga Mysore study with Rolf and Marci Naujokat in Goa, India, 2011
« 20 hour Intensive Ayurveda Study in Kerala, India, 2009
« 200 hour Ashtanga training with Caroline Klebl in Kerala, India, 2009

The Front SLC Yoga TeacherSteph Nally found yoga at the age of 14 when her mom became an instructor, but she truly fell in love with the practice when she discovered it for herself at 19 while attending the University of Utah. She completed her 200-hour teacher training a year later, and since then yoga has sneaked its way into every aspect of her life.

She takes every opportunity she can to deepen her understanding of the practice. Most recently she traveled to India for the second time to immerse herself in further training with Kia Miller. She is currently an E-RYT 200, 500-hour teacher through Yoga Alliance, and is dedicated to continuous training.

Steph has a degree in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Utah and has studied and been influenced by Ashtanga, Hatha, and Kundalini schools. She has a playful approach to yoga, and her intention is to connect you with your breath, alignment and a deep sense of strength you may have forgotten about. Her classes are accessible to all levels and often incorporate arm balances and inversions, basic mantra and aspects of meditation.

“For me yoga has been a journey of curiously exploring my body and mind and the way I subtly shift day to day, hour to hour. My intention is to help you connect to your breath, your intuition and a deep sense of presence that you can take with you out into the world.”

Meet the South Main Yogis

Adam Bedard has been a truth seeker for as long as he can remember. Through Tai Chi and Qigong, he experienced a tranquility that he had not known since childhood. After six years of practice, he began to understand the power these ancient arts hold. To strengthen his experience, he attends Vipassanas, 10 day 110 hour silent meditations, which assist him with a deeper insight into himself and the functioning of the mind. Additional practice continued to benefit him as he turned inward for understanding. He pursued teacher training at Avenues Yoga with Becka Cooper after developing his Yoga practice and continues to follow his path to bring moving-meditation and yoga into Western culture by connecting mind, body, and spirit through the transformative tools of Tai Chi and restorative yoga practice, to develop holistic healing.

Danielle is first and foremost a student of yoga, working to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and self-care through her practice. She began practicing in 2007 and has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Ghosh and more, but is most drawn to alignment-based styles. For her, yoga and its complements of meditation, pranayama and Ayurveda are life-long practices, and she looks forward to the unfolding of her practice for decades to come. Danielle’s classes incorporate strong alignment-based work, with modifications and detailed steps to map out a clear path to progress. She believes that by deepening our relationship to the practice, we can deepen our relationship to our inner selves. Danielle is committed to being a lifelong student of the practice, and is currently undergoing her 500-hr certification with Christina Sell.

My journey to teaching started with becoming a certified personal trainer in 2014. Since then I have gone down a beautiful path of self discovery and personal growth.

In 2018, I took a nine month Pranasana yoga teaching course, where I learned lots of healing modalities such as EFT tapping, meditation, energy psychology and received my Master Reiki certification.

In the fall of 2019 I studied under Chanda Way and Becka Cooper and received my 200 HR YTT certification at Avenues Yoga.

My intention is to provide a safe space for all students to express, explore and have fun. My classes are for all levels, and will often incorporate a unique flow, basic pranayama, aspects of meditation and sound healing.

Yoga has taught me to slow down, to use my breath to anchor into each moment exactly as it is. Our bodies are strong and when we take time to listen to what it needs, we allow more space and healing to take place.

From rocket scientist and software engineer to cave diving instructor and a yogi.

Konstantin started his yoga journey on advice of BJJ Grandmaster Flavio Behring as a way to minimize injuries from Jiu-Jitsu training.

Soon his desire for self improvement brought him to the Yoga Teacher Training program at The Front where he discovered the love for the philosophy side of yoga and its connection with asana practice. He is currently RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance.

« 300 hour Teacher Training at The Front, SLC, 2018
« 5 day Ashtanga Essentials Intensive workshop with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, May 2019
« 5 day Assisting Intensive workshop with Mary Taylor and Ty Landrum, August 2019
« 200 hour Odaka Teacher Training with Roberto Miletti & Francesca Cassia, 2019

“Do your practice. Share your knowledge and practice with others to enrich their lives, not to gain anything for yourself. Don’t get attached to the fruits of your labor or have any self-serving motivation.

Accept the rewards that come but don’t make them into a goal.”

Photo coming soon!