Outdoor Ascent Series

The Front and Bear House Mountain Guiding are coming together to bring you a new climbing class program called the Outdoor Ascent Series. You may have heard us mention Bear House in the past—we previously partnered with them to bring you the original Plastic to Classic course that covered outdoor sport climbing fundamentals such as cleaning anchors, lowering, and rappelling. This class offering will still be available in the new series, but will now be accompanied by a complete introductory series for climbing outside! We'll begin each course by going over the basics, practicing, and getting comfortable in the gym and then Bear House will take you outside to apply those skills. Join other Front members and supportive, experienced instructors to help build a knowledgeable outdoor climbing community and get the local climbing beta. With clinics from top-roping to multi-pitch, there's no excuse not to get outside!

Take one or two classes covering the topics you'd like to learn more about or take all five courses and to give yourself a well-rounded skill set for the outdoors! Each course is $150 for Front members and $175 for non-members. Each course is broken up into 3 days and includes 4 hours of indoor instruction at our gym and 4 hours of outdoor instruction by Bear House. (The only exception is Intro to Trad Climbing, which is 2 days and has 2 hours of indoor instruction and 6 hours outside.)

Follow the links to learn more about each course and register:
Plastic to Classic: Outdoor Top-Roping
Plastic to Classic: Outdoor Sport Climbing
Plastic to Classic: Intro to Trad Climbing
Plastic to Classic: Intro to Multi-pitch Sport Climbing
Plastic to Classic: Intro to Self-Rescue

Get 10% off if you sign up for 3 or more of the Outdoor Ascent classes at once!

Original Climbing Classes


45 minutes

$39 | Free for members

To climb with ropes you need to know the proper procedures for communication, using equipment, belaying, and lowering a climber. This essential class covers all these skills and gives you plenty of practice. Taught in small groups, price includes gear rental.

You’ll Learn

Essential safety procedures
How to properly belay and lower a fellow climber

Who Should Take It

Climbers who have never top-roped or who might be a bit rusty. Also, anyone who has taken Bouldering 101. *You must be at least 14 years old to top-rope belay.

Next Class to Take

Getting to 5.10



4 classes, 2 hours per class

$79 | $59 for members

The goal of this class is to make you a solid 5.10 climber and ready to learn to lead climb. In it you will learn advanced movement, tactics, and goal setting as well as get your first taste of fun training activities to develop fitness quickly.

You’ll Learn

Crucial movement skills
Planning and tactics to climb harder routes
How to interval train

Who Should Take It

Top-rope climbers who want to move up to lead climbing, or anyone wanting to consistently climb 5.10. 

Next Class to Take

Learn to Lead



2 classes, 2 hours per class

$79 | $59 for members

Learn to Lead will take your climbing to the next level. We'll get you on our most exciting walls, further develop your technical skills, and have you take a first step towards outdoor climbing. Must be top-rope belay certified and bring your own rope/belay device.

You’ll Learn

Best practices for falling, catching, and clipping
How to properly inspect equipment
Good ways to continue improving as a climber

Who Should Take It

Climbers who are confident climbing 5.10 without falling. We recommend taking Getting to 5.10 first if you’re not able to consistently climb at that grade. *You must be at least 14 years old to lead climb and lead belay.

Next Class to Take

Plastic to Classic



Falling, it's a big part of climbing. We do it all the time, but if we are being honest many of us aren't completely comfortable with falling, and in many cases the possibility of falling prevents us from trying our hardest and enjoying a climb to its fullest. This clinic provides ways of objectively assessing risk and dealing with fear. The clinic also gives ample opportunities to take and catch falls, but don't worry, we won't force you to take huge whippers. The goal is to identify each climber’s comfort zone, whatever it may be, and then help climbers expand it. The clinic is fun and supportive, so bring a friend and start the process of becoming more confident climbers together. 

*This class focuses on falling while rope climbing. It is geared towards lead climbers. Participants must be at least top-rope belay certified, but are preferably lead certified.



1 hour

$45 per session

Privately coached sessions are a great way to address the specifics of your climbing that you want to improve. Our coaches can provide great insights into movement and other critical aspects of your climbing.
Do you need to work on movement, fear of falling, goal setting, or fitness? Preparing for a competition? Our coaches can be your personal guide, for one or many sessions. Each lesson includes a written summary of the session and coach’s commentary videos when applicable.

What You Could Learn

Specific elements that will enrich your climbing experience
Ways to attain your climbing goals

Who Should Take It

Anyone who wants to get in-depth help for any climbing topic with our world-class instructional staff


Confident Climbing Series

*The full Confident Climbing Series will be coming back Fall 2018. However, Falling Without Fear will still be offered and can be found in the Original Climbing Classes section on this page.*

This series is designed to be informative, fun, and to cover important issues that help us all be better climbers. The clinic offerings are Falling Without Fear, Knots & Hitches, and Cleaning Sport Anchors. Each clinic is 2 hours long and the cost ranges from $15 - $25.

Meet The Instructors

David Farkas
Outdoor Ascent Series, Learn to Lead, Getting to 5.10, Bouldering 101, & SLCC

A transplant from Colorado I’ve been climbing for 26 years on rock, ice, and in the mountains. I started my guiding career in 2001 and have climbed and guided in Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Washington. Some of my favorite climbing areas are Eldorado Canyon, Joshua Tree, Indian Creek, and the ice climbs of Southern Colorado. Climbing is my sport, art, and therapy. I enjoy practicing and teaching exceptional technical, physical and mental/emotional climbing skills. My climbing partners and students teach me how to be a more effective teacher, a better climber and a healthier human being. Climbing has taught me that what I get out of it is what I put in to it, and that when I share the passion of climbing with others, I am rewarded a thousand-fold.

Dylan Empey
Learn to Lead, Getting to 5.10, Project and Send, Private Lessons, & The Competitive Climbing Team

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, I have been climbing for years and have coached athletes at Regional, Divisional, and National levels. Teaching is my passion and I am currently pursuing a Master’s of Education at Westminster college. My favorite places to climb include: Red Rocks, Thailand, and of course locally at Little Cottonwood Canyon.

I use a student-centered approach to teaching and coaching—focusing on the individual and adapting curriculum as necessary to cater to individual needs and goals. I am proud to hold certificates through the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) with both a CWA as well as SPI. I plan to continue my education in order to constantly improve as an instructor!

Phil Wilson
Learn to Lead, Getting to 5.10, Bouldering 101, & Salt Lake Community College (SLCC)

I started climbing in 2005 at The Front for a friend’s birthday. I got hooked on pulling plastic until 2011 when I broke my back and expanded into sport climbing for low impact recovery. Since then I've lived abroad in Holland and explored European climbing destinations like Fontainebleau and the Black Forest. I currently study Archaeology at the University of Utah where I hope to work on excavation of south western material culture of North America. While in school I instruct a number of classes at The Front Climbing Club. Over the years I've obtained my Climbing Wall instructor certification, CPR, WFR, and I'm up to level 3 in Rock Rescue. My current obsession in climbing is long multi pitch trad to cool summits. I hope to meet you in one of the courses at The Front!