2019 'Merica Ping Pong Tournament

We were proud to be ‘Mericans on June 30 at our Second Annual Ping Pong Tournament and BBQ! Our members and guests came ready to battle and we were left in awe at the ping pong skills and bulging calve muscles before us. Our members had a proud showing with the home-court advantage of being used to a short playing field, cross-breezes, obstacles, and tripping hazards, but our guests quickly adapted to the conditions and gave us a run for our money – literally.

After five hours of blood, sweat and tears, (minus the blood and tears), we crowned two champions – Joey C for the Advanced category and our own Jonathan R for Amateurs. We enjoyed beautiful weather in the courtyard, burgers and dogs from Rumsy’s, live music by Sweet Guthrie, and ice cold brews from Red Rock Brewery. Another thank you to Petzl for our podium prizes, Guthrie Bikes for our raffle, and Salt Town Realty for the bags of goodies for our Most ‘Merican’s. We hope you ride the energy of that night straight through Independence Day, and we will see you next year (or, every Wednesday for the rest of the summer if you can’t wait to hang out in the courtyard and listen to live music and drink cold beer with us again!).

Stay tuned for 2020 deets!