'Merica Ping Pong Tournament

Nothing is more ‘Merican than Ping Pong and BBQ’s. Well, at least BBQ’s.

Our 2nd annual Ping Pong Tourney will feature live music by Sweet Guthrie Music, grilling in the courtyard, beers from Red Rock Brewery, a yuuuuge cash purse, a “Most ‘Merican” costume contest sponsored by Salt Town Realty, prizes from Petzl, and more. Well, not much more actually, but doesn’t that all sound awesome?!

We will have a Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced heat, so if you aren’t a pro yet don’t worry, you’ll play against others who still call it ‘Ping Pong’ and not ‘Table Tennis’.


1st – $500 + Trophy
2nd – $300 + Trophy
3rd – $100 + Trophy

1st – Gear + Trophy
2nd – Gear + Trophy
3rd – Gear + Trophy


Advanced – $35 
Amateur – $20 
+$5 for non-members, +$5 after June 20th
Registration includes 1 drink ticket & 1 food ticket!


Qualifiers start at 4PM
« Qualifying rounds are to 11 points, best of three games

Semi-finals start at 7PM
« Semi-final rounds are to 21 points, best of three games

Finals start at 8PM
« Final round is to 21 points, best of three games
« Spectating is free for members! Come watch finals!