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Feel exhausted those first few weeks on the mountain? Every year, do you say that you’ll get in shape for skiing/snowboarding sooner? Then this training program is for you! FTR Coach, Erin Storck, designed this program to improve your strength and stamina and to get you more prepared for ski/snowboard season. It will also teach you better body awareness, movement patterns and mobility/stretching techniques to stay injury free this season. This 6-week program includes 4 workouts per week: two strength workouts and two aerobic-based workouts.

This program will be delivered through TrueCoach so you can do it at your own pace and on your own schedule. TrueCoach is an online fitness platform that gives you access to all your workouts, including videos of each exercise! It also allows you to comment, add notes to your workouts and record progress over time.

Registration will be open until December 31. If you have further questions, please email Erin at

Personalized Training

The Front Training Room provides in-house professional coaches, customized training and group fitness, specifically designed for mountain sport athletes. Our customized training programs are built just for you, based on your goals. 

We are always open to having an honest conversation with you about what we can offer your training goals, and whether we are the right fit. Feel free to email us with questions at, or set up a FREE 20-minute consultation so we can chat more in-depth about what you are looking for in a training program.


If you’re going to be using The Front’s facility to train, you must have a Front membership.


« Before starting your training, we’ll conduct a 90-minute baseline assessment where we’ll test strength, power and mobility
« Customized training program by your personal coach, delivered through TrueCoach
« Progress checks to assess improvement every 4-8 weeks
« Unlimited communication with your coach via email or app
« Twice-monthly drop-in sessions with coaches
« Discounted rate for 1:1 sessions with your coach ($30/hr)
« Free or discounted registration to our wide variety of camps and clinics

*A $75 start-up fee covers your 90-minute baseline and fitness assessment.


$30/hr for Customized Training Members
$50/hr for Front Members
$80/hr for Non-Members (A day pass to the gym is included in this rate)


« 1-hour personal training session with your coach
« Sports specific training, climbing movement analysis and movement form
« Goal-oriented and performance-focused program

Get started or learn more by emailing:

Meet the FTR Coaches

It starts with movement, and movement is my medicine. It is also my passion. I never stop moving. My passion is specifically in the mountains where I focus on skiing, backcountry, hiking, trail running and climbing. I learned a long time ago that we need both the gym and the outside world to be a balanced athlete. As a personal trainer I specialize in function movement, range of motion work in the tendons/joints, strength training and cardio programming as well as prenatal and postpartum for all my active mamas out there. Whether you want to just stay in shape, get into shape, work on balance and range of motion, build muscle, learn how to use the gym appropriately or train for an upcoming race, I got you covered.

I have been a personal trainer for over 2 years now working with athletes, injuries/recoveries, weight loss etc. I have a bachelors in Public Health, and am certified as a personal trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise).

As a trainer my goal is to bring out the best in you, mentally and physically. I want to challenge you and help you achieve whatever goals you have. It takes commitment, time and energy. But, I am confident we can get you to where you deserve to be.

Chris has 15+ years of climbing experience across all disciplines with a primary focus on sport climbing and bouldering. Throughout the years he has coached youth competitors, trained national caliber athletes and founded The Front’s Adaptive Climbing Program for amputees and athletes with neurologic and/or physical deficits.

Chris has a Bachelors of Science in Health Promotion and Fitness Management and is in his final year of the University of Utah’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Chris specializes in strength and power for climbing, resistance training and injury prevention. Whether it’s climbing or any mountain sport, he loves helping athletes meet their fitness goals. Chris has vast experience in teaching and coaching at all levels and is excited to be a part of the coaching team at The Front.

Bio coming soon

Health and fitness have always been a major part of my life. In recent years, I have devoted much of my athletic pursuits to splitboarding and to trail and mountain racing! I still make sure to keep time for gym training, climbing and adventuring.

I have been personal training for over 5 years and have experiences in many settings such as rehab, general fitness, athletics, and special populations. I have been training athletes at The Front for over two years now. I specialize in injury prevention, run-coaching, general fitness, climbing, ski/snowboard conditioning and overall mountain fitness! I have a Bachelors in Exercise Science and I am certified as an Exercise Physiologist through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).

When working with athletes, I love seeing each individual become more in tune with their bodies. It’s amazing how much you can gain when you are aware of your movements and the impact of the stressors you put on your body!

Lauren Callaway is a Colorado native, and fell in love with climbing in her mid-20’s. She was immediately captivated by the process of developing physical and emotional skills for climbing, and is on a constant quest for growth, whatever form it happens to take. In less than a decade she successfully climbed 5.14 sport, V11 boulders, and 5.12+ trad.

Lauren was introduced to training for climbing after two years of feeling plateaued. After successfully pushing past her own strength and mental limitations, she hasn’t looked back, and has seen constant improvement ever since. She has since applied her obsessive tendencies to constantly improving her knowledge of training and improvement of physical performance for climbing, and has been coaching and teaching workshops on climbing technique and performance for the past three years.

Some of Lauren’s training philosophies include:
– You can’t train successfully if you can’t find a balanced way to integrate it into your lifestyle.
– It’s important to take a scientific approach – track, monitor, and analyze EVERYTHING.
– Gains are almost never linear, and don’t always come in physical forms.
– Never train without a goal. Listen to your body, always.