More Women in Politics | Shireen Ghorbani

More Women in Politics | Shireen Ghorbani

  • Posted by Marcus Macdonald
  • On March 21, 2018
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The Front is hosting a night of coffee, cookies and Q&A with a candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District, Shireen Ghorbani. We jump at any opportunity, as should you, to meet our potential representatives, and we are particularly excited to welcome Shireen to The Front on March 28th from 6:30pm - 8pm. Within her district are some of Utah's most amazing natural treasures including Canyonlands National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and more. 2017 was a dust storm that has left many of us frustrated, exhausted and confused. Utah saw the largest rollback on federally protected land in our nation's history. At times it's been healthy to detach, but the reality is that to preserve what we treasure we must be plugged in and activated more than ever, and one way to do so is to know who you're voting for before you cast your ballot.

A recent history of District 2: District two was created in 1913 and has a history of flip-flopping from red to blue and again to red. Before our current representative, Chris Stewart, Democrat Jim Matheson held the seat for over 10 years. In 2002, Utah was divided into three districts, described by the Wall Street Journal as the most egregious example of gerrymandering in the country. Nevertheless, Jim continued to win district 2 until Utah was divided up again in 2013. This further diluted Salt Lake City and moved Jim Matheson to District 4 where he celebrated one more victory over Mia Love...by a margin of 0.31%.

2017 was rough - there, we've said it. But we've seen some incredible movements, such as the women's empowerment movement, make meaningful strides. Male and female politicians are still subject to different standards, and the sexist view that women do not belong in politics took center stage in the recent presidential election. Women are criticized for being too emotional and unpredictable to hold public office, a double standard that we can't tolerate any longer. Americans relentlessly demand change while stubbornly stuck in our ways. Since 1913, only 3 of the 22 congresspersons have been female in District 2. The three women make up 8 of the 105 years of service. We're confident that Shireen will be a useful resource to better understand our current political landscape. We hope you join us for the event!

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This event is FREE for Front members and guests. New guests will need to fill out a waiver before entering the gym.

*The Front has not officially endorsed any candidate. All parties and candidates are welcome to contact The Front for the opportunity to speak. This opinion article and artwork was contributed by a Front member.