Member Meetups

We are pausing our monthly Member Meetups for the time being. Once the Covid-19 pandemic is behind us, we’re hoping to schedule quarterly meetups with various speakers from our community! Stay tuned!

Past Meetup Topics

8/18/2020 – Are You Eating Enough to Send Your Projects? ft. Hayden James
7/21/2020 – Level-Up: Climbing Education at The Front ft. David Farkas
6/16/2020 – Pebble App ft. Sundev Lohr
5/19/2020 – Optimizing Protein for Vegans, Vegetarians & Omnivores ft. Shannon O’Grady of Gnarly Nutrition
4/21/2020 – Know Before You Go – Crag Edition ft. Adam Tobey & Andrew Thaller
2/18/2020 – What You DON’T Know About Weight Loss Is Killing Your Vibrant Life ft. Winslow Passey
1/21/2020 – New Year, New Investment Strategy ft. Annie Trujillo
12/17/2019 – Sneak Preview of Climbing at The Front South Main ft. Our Routesetters
11/19/2019 – Know The Enemy, Know Yourself ft. Jason “Singer” Smith
10/15/2019 – Muscle Activation Technique ft. Dustie Casuse
9/17/2019 – Q&A with our expert route setters
8/20/2019 – #VanLife Not For You? Featuring Annie Trujillo of Salt Town Realty
7/16/2019 – Measuring & Training the Finger Flexors in Climbers Featuring Dr. Tyler Nelson of Camp4 Human Performance
6/18/2019 – Parque La Huasteca featuring Gareth “Gaz” Leah
5/21/2019 – Yoga Off The Mat featuring Sarah Jane and Marie Radloff
4/16/2019 – Route Setting featuring The Front’s Director of Route Setting, Mike Bockino
2/19/2019 – Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop featuring Adam Tobey
1/15/2019 – Women in Climbing & Performance Training featuring Michaela Kiersch
12/28/2018 – How to Get the Most out of Your Climbing Session featuring Justin Wood
11/20/2018 – How To Keep Your Psych After Years of Climbing featuring climber Ronnie Jenkins
10/18/2018 – The Benefit of Failing in Climbing featuring Jason Kawakami
9/18/2018 – How to Climb Your Hardest ft. JC Hunter