Third Tuesday Member Meetup Overview

Every third Tuesday of each month join us on the 3rd floor at Rumsy’s for our monthly member meetups! We host an expert from the local community or outdoor industry to learn about a breadth of topics such as crag ethics, training for climbing, backcountry skiing, meditation, etc. 

Come on up for free chips and salsa, $2 beers and tacos and an awesome group of people to learn something new!

Feb 18 Meetup // What You DON'T Know About Weight Loss Is Killing Your Vibrant Life ft. Winslow Passey

Take your health to the next level and feel an abundance of joy by joining Winslow Passey in this health-focused meetup! Attendees will learn tools to improve health, drop unwanted weight, manage energy and know what, when and how to eat!

Winslow’s Bio: Winslow is a mountain guide and a health coach. She is the founder of both In The Company of Guides and Vibrant Health Evolution. Winslow has been guiding since 2000 taking people to the top of some of the highest mountains in the world. Through the journey of learning how to unlock the secrets to healing her own body and injuries, she tapped into another of her gifts to guide people to the top in their health as well. She still guides people on adventures in the mountains and teaches online Higher Health courses as well, helping people to be vibrant, healthy and alive so that they can achieve their dreams.

When: February 18, 2020 // 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Cost: Free for members. Guests welcome with a day pass.


Upcoming Meetup Topics

3/17/2020 – Pattern Breakers: Tapping Into Flow ft. Daniel Hill of Front Yoga
4/21/2020 – Climbing in Israel ft. Talia Goldberg

Past Meetup Topics

1/21/2020 – New Year, New Investment Strategy ft. Annie Trujillo
12/17/2019 – Sneak Preview of Climbing at The Front South Main ft. Our Routesetters
11/19/2019 – Know The Enemy, Know Yourself ft. Jason “Singer” Smith
10/15/2019 – Muscle Activation Technique ft. Dustie Casuse
9/17/2019 – Q&A with our expert route setters
8/20/2019 – #VanLife Not For You? Featuring Annie Trujillo of Salt Town Realty
7/16/2019 – Measuring & Training the Finger Flexors in Climbers Featuring Dr. Tyler Nelson of Camp4 Human Performance
6/18/2019 – Parque La Huasteca featuring Gareth “Gaz” Leah
5/21/2019 – Yoga Off The Mat featuring Sarah Jane and Marie Radloff
4/16/2019 – Route Setting featuring The Front’s Director of Route Setting, Mike Bockino
2/19/2019 – Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop featuring Adam Tobey
1/15/2019 – Women in Climbing & Performance Training featuring Michaela Kiersch
12/28/2018 – How to Get the Most out of Your Climbing Session featuring Justin Wood
11/20/2018 – How To Keep Your Psych After Years of Climbing featuring climber Ronnie Jenkins
10/18/2018 – The Benefit of Failing in Climbing featuring Jason Kawakami
9/18/2018 – How to Climb Your Hardest ft. JC Hunter