Meditation and ‘Being’ Happiness

Meditation and ‘Being’ Happiness

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  • On August 20, 2019
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Whenever one goes through airport security or any checkout counters at stores, it is almost impossible not to see the vast majority of people waiting in line with eyes glued to their cellphones. Sure, there may be some doing productive work, but you can bet a lot of them are mindlessly scrolling through social media or other apps, scouring through information that adds to the already crowded field of impressions (samskaras) in one’s mind. But does living in such distracted and finite pleasures lead us to live a more happy, content and fulfilling life? What is more than finite? Well, maybe something that is Infinite…

The main idea of meditation and mindfulness is to help the spiritual aspirant (saadhak) cut through the daily clutter and layer-by-layer peel away theses samskaras imprinted on the mind due to the karmas performed over several days, months, years and lifetimes. Every action, every karma, every habit, in fact even one’s destiny has its genesis in a thought. A thought, finite within boundaries of time and space, arises from that Infinite ocean of energy. In meditation as we ‘witness’ the stream of thoughts and where it arises from, we slow them down and slowly peel away the layers of samskaraas.

The author Om Swami eloquently and succinctly explained it in his authoritative book on meditation – A Million Thoughts, and I quote verbatim, “Thoughts that you do not let go leave an imprint on your mind. That imprint is the residue. Meditation is the process of washing away that residue. It is the cleaning of your slate and keeping it that way. When we fail to abandon our thoughts, they assume different forms. The can become desires, expectations or emotions.”

By aligning our energies through correct meditation practices, we move away from identifying ourselves to the arising thoughts and slowly start to identify ourselves with that Infinite field of energy or consciousness from which thoughts arise. One step at a time, one breath at a time, we slowly unfold the process to discover our True self, our Infinite self, our Blissful self. It helps us to understand our true nature rather than our imagined nature fabricated through our senses. The great rishis (seers) say that the Infinite field of consciousness is free, unbound, immanent, transcendent, all-encompassing and eternal. Through the long and arduous struggle of stilling the chattering mind and tapping into that Infinite consciousness, one may finally migrate from ‘trying,’ ‘acting’ and ‘doing’ to be happy, to ‘being’ happiness itself.

The Chandogya Upanishad says, “Yo vai bhuma tat sukham, naalpe sukham asti,” which loosely translates to “Happiness is not contained in the finite, happiness is in the Infinite.”

When a leaf falls, the branch stays
When a branch falls, the tree stays
When a tree perishes, the forest remains.
You are that Infinite forest.
Thou art That. Tat Tvam Asi !!!

– Rohit Nair (pictured)

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