Climbing and Co-Workers: Making Team Building Modern

Climbing and Co-Workers: Making Team Building Modern

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On November 21, 2017
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Workplace culture has undergone a significant shift in the last decade, and the most progressive and highly profitable companies know they must provide their prospective and current employees with great corporate culture to retain top talent. While ping-pong tables and beer in the fridge are often touted as hallmarks of corporate culture, many companies overlook their employees’ physical well-being and health as balanced against long desk hours required by the job.

If physical movement and fitness, employee satisfaction and cohesive teams are top priorities of your workplace culture agenda, then The Front Climbing Club, located in Salt Lake City, is the perfect match for your next company outing. The Front offers employers a unique and beautiful space to custom create corporate events. From holiday parties to full day retreats, our experienced groups manager will work with your team to build an event that focuses on fitness, acquiring new skills and building better modes of communication and camaraderie all through the growing sport of climbing. We offer a private space for groups to learn the basics of roped climbing or bouldering, focusing on safe belaying, proper communication while climbing and gaining the physical skills necessary to make it up the wall! Once your team has mastered the basics, further challenges can be added to engage problem solving within partnerships, further developing interpersonal relationships.

Teaching your team to climb together builds trust, fosters communication and collaboration and can help lessen team conflict. Climbing at The Front provides a welcomed break from the office and gives your employees a challenging physical outlet, which in turn builds confidence by nudging people outside of their comfort zones, increases happiness as new skills are mastered and increases respect between co-workers as they help each other navigate the climbing wall. Millennials, the newest and largest group entering the workforce, are especially attracted to climbing- there are now over 400 climbing gyms in the country and counting.

Please feel free to reach out to our events coordinator at with any questions or ideas you may have for your next corporate event. Learn more about our group offerings here.