All membership cancellations take place on our billing cycles, which are the 10th of each month. All cancellation requests require a 30-day notice.

To make your cancellation, select the next available billing date on the calendar below. This will be the first date when you will no longer be billed and your membership will no longer be active from this date forward. Select the number of members you are responsible for (each family member counts as one member). On the next page you will be asked to provide some identifying information so we can process your request accurately.

It's the 10th, why can't I cancel my membership today?

We require a 30-day notice before the billing date to allow us to plan for things like payroll and facility improvements. This policy is in our membership contract, with initials required to acknowledge it.

I'm responsible for multiple memberships and I only want to cancel one, what do I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot process this type of request online. Please contact and we will be happy to help you.

I'm responsible for other memberships and I only want to cancel myself/let a secondary member take over the membership. What do I do?

Unfortunately, if the primary member (you) wants to cancel all members under your name must cancel as well. If they want to continue a membership, they will need to sign a new contract at the the front desk. In the special notes section of your cancellation form you should let us know and we can then put a note on your secondary members account. That will inform staff to waive the initiation fee and to give them your old individual rate.

I haven't been climbing for a while, can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

No. All of our electronic billing dues are non-refundable.

My credit card has expired but I don't want to cancel.

Please contact us to update your billing information before the 10th. You may do so in person or speak to any front desk representative over the phone.

I already spoke with someone at the front desk about cancelling and I'm still being charged.

All EFT change requests need to be made on our website or by sending an email to

I have already sent and email to cancel and I’m still being charged.

We're sorry if there's been a mistake. Please contact with as much information as possible so we can help. Please allow 3 business days for a response.

I have received an e-mail stating that my card was declined. Can I just cancel my membership?

All outstanding dues must be paid before a membership cancellation can be processed. Please contact us to process the declined payments before the 10th. After this is done please send in your cancellation request via our website or email at

My membership is currently on hold can I cancel it now?

All membership requests need to be made 30-days in advance of the billing cycle you wish to cancel on, even if your membership is currently frozen.

If I cancel my membership can I return at my discounted monthly rate?

No. Any new Electronic Billing Membership are sold at the current monthly rate and may have to pay a sign up fee. If you would like to keep your current monthly rate you should put your membership on hold instead.

I have a gear rental/locker rental/team dues on my EFT membership that I’d like to remove. Can I do that without cancelling the membership?

For sure! Staff can remove add-ons as listed above, at the front desk, or over the phone. No need to email.



All membership freezes take effect on the billing cycle you choose below. Your current membership is still valid at The Front till the end of your current billing cycle, which ends on the 10th and you may continue to climb at any location up to that date. There is a fee of $8 per month. You can freeze up to a maximum of 3 months, twice a year non-consecutively.

To freeze your membership, select a billing date on the calendar below. This will be the first date when you will be billed the $8 hold fee and your membership will be inactive from this date until the ending billing date chosen. Select the number of members you are responsible for (each family member counts as one member and is a $8 for each). On the next page you will be asked to provide some identifying information so we can process your request accurately.

When does the hold start?

The hold will start on the billing date that you selected. You are welcome to climb at any facility up until that date.

It's the 10th why can't I freeze my membership today?

We require a 1 week notice before the billing date to allow the system to accurately process your requests.

I am the primary account holder responsible for multiple family members. How much will it cost to put everyone on hold?

It will be $8 per month per family member that is frozen.

I am the primary account holder and am responsible for a couple/multiple family members, I will not be climbing for a few months but my family will still be climbing what do I do?

At least one family member/your partner must be billed at full price each month in order to maintain the family/couple discount. If you are in this situation please send an email to for information.

What do I do when I'm ready to return?

You can return at any time. Simply show up at one of our locations and your membership dues will be prorated from that day until the next billing date. The prorated amount will be added on to your following billing cycle.

Can I put my membership on hold and have it resume automatically?

Yes, select the billing date you would like to resume your membership from the drop down box on the following page. We will automatically resume your membership and begin billing you again at your current monthly rate.

Can I place a prepaid membership on hold?

No, the ability to hold is a benefit that is only associated with EFT Memberships.