It’s In Her DNA

It’s In Her DNA

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On August 21, 2019
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As I sat down and spoke with one of The Front’s personal trainers and all-around badass, Erin Storck, I noticed right away a crucial trait to her success as an exercise science professional and athlete: She’s perpetually psyched.

Whether it’s climbing, running, split boarding or working with others to meet theirs goals, if your name is Erin Storck, you’re stoked.

“I was always active and was an athlete growing up in Louisville, Kentucky,” Erin said. “My family liked to be in the outdoors, and we’d go to a little hill in Indiana to snowboard. I told myself, ‘When I grow up, I’m going to go to the real mountains!’”

Erin began working at the gym three years ago after playing soccer for and graduating from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, and after time working in Panama through the Peace Corps to assist with water issues. She saw the job posting and thought that being able to merge her interests in climbing, the outdoors and body movement “sounded sick.”

Now, Erin splits her time between training climbing and mountain athlete clients and teaching group fitness classes at The Front, as well as working as an exercise specialist at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital at the University of Utah. At Huntsman, Erin enjoys diversifying her knowledge and experience through working on the overall health with cancer patients. At The Front, she’s more focused on developing personal training for climbers.

“I like to incorporate movements that are reflective of climbing, and a lot of core work” Erin said. “I try to have clients replicate climbing positions – rather than doing something on their backs, I have them do a standing exercise, or something on all fours, because in climbing, you usually have three or four points of contact. I’ve seen a lot of positive results from this.”

In order to plan personal training programs for individual clients, she starts with a 90-minute assessment, covering everything from functional movements and basic lifting movements and form to simply watching her clients climb, which helps to better understand their body type and motions.

“I love being able to impact someone’s mental, physical and emotional release. I think it’s cool to see someone progress along their program and reach their goals and watch them grow,” she said. “I’m also simply fascinated with how the body moves and seeing people learn how certain movements affect their lives. I think it’s beneficial for everyone.”

Resting is tough for Erin, as she’s still an athlete, like in her youthful and collegiate days. In her free time, she climbs, trains, split boards and runs, sometimes competitively.

In fact, she was the overall winner in the Expert category of the 2018 Cirque Series, a series of short but brutally steep mountain running races founded by professional athlete Julian Carr. Each year, the series is set at various world-famous ski resorts in the United States. So far in the 2019 series, she’s podiumed at two of four races (this time in the Pro category) – at Alta and then Alyeska, Alaska.

Plus, in the winter, you can find Erin skinning up mountains and riding beautiful lines down in Little Cottonwood, as snowboarding and running are her two biggest passions. Even when her body needs relaxation, like all of us, it’s hard to sit at home when the snow is fresh, or the skies are blue.

“Split boarding is the perfect world for me, because it merges the two,” she said. “I love pushing myself then getting the reward of shredding pow on the way down!”

Erin’s experience as a split boarder, climber and runner help her to formulate training programs for other athletes. At Climb, Wine & Dine, she’ll be leading a “Strength Training for Climbers” clinic, and this winter, through The Front, she’s hoping to lead a “Ski and Snowboard Conditioning” clinic.

“We do these sports because we love the mountains, so I never want athletes to feel held back,” Erin said. “It’s important that people stick to their programs, but at the end of the day, we simply love playing outside.”

To learn more about our training sessions, or to book time with Storck or any of our other trainers, click here.