The Innovative Beal Escaper

The Innovative Beal Escaper

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On April 20, 2018
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What is the most frightening part of climbing? Well, not climbing, obviously. Most climbers dread long multi-pitch rappels. Rappelling can be convoluted with rope management on long multi-pitch routes. Many rappels require two ropes as you must thread the rope through the anchors and even the two ends out. This method makes your 70-meter rope only reach 35 meters for rappelling. If rappel stations are beyond 35m, you will have to haul a second rope with you during your climb. Or what if as you are pulling your rope and it gets stuck? Often climbers have had to lead back up to get their rope unstuck from a sticky situation. Well not any longer!

Beal has developed the most innovative device on the market for 2018 called the Escaper. The Escaper allows you to rappel on a single rope the entire length of the rope. If you and your partner only want to carry 1 rope on a climb that requires 2 for rappelling, or if you get your rope stuck and need to cut it, or if you like canyoneering the Escaper is the sole device designed and tested to be used for rappelling on a single line.

Using the Escaper also allows you to rappel using different devices. In the past you would have to use some kind of ATC to rappel as both sides of the rope had to go through the device. On long raps the climber may use a prusik knot to back up their rappel to keep them from falling if they accidentally let go of the rope. Rappelling on a single line allows you to use a GriGri or other Assisted Breaking Devices (ABDs) that can help prevent break hand errors while rapping a route.


Is the Escaper for anyone and everyone? Well no, this device certainly requires your attention. I would recommend the Escaper to experienced multi-pitch climbers and canyoneering professionals. It is not a device for all types of rappelling. If you are considering purchasing the Escaper, please take some time to review its directions, and practice using it to better understand its limitations.

Where can you pick one of these new shiny things at? The Front of course! Come by to check it out and feel free to ask our staff any questions.