Guru Purnima – Pathway to Higher Possibilities

Guru Purnima – Pathway to Higher Possibilities

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  • On August 7, 2018
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Our extraordinary Front yoga community member, Rohit Nair provided this week’s blog post about Guru Purnima —

On July 27, we celebrated Guru Purnima which happens on the first full moon during the Dakshinayana period that starts after the summer solstice when the sun travels southwards in the northern hemisphere of our planet. In Sanskrit, there is a saying: Yat Pinde Tat Bhrahmande, which, in simple terms, can be interpreted as the infinite universe is within you. This is all the more important when you consider certain planetary transitions in space and its impact on the human body, perhaps more on the sukshma sharira (subtle body). Due to certain planetary alignments, the Dakshinayana period is known to be a period of high receptivity and purification, and so, it is only apt that a time to pay tribute and honor your guru falls during this period.

Guru Purnima honors the Adiyogi (First Yogi) who taught his first seven disciples the science of yoga thereby opening up many possibilities for the human race. Even Buddha gave his first sermon in Sarnath on this auspicious day. In India, for several centuries Guru Purnima was considered to be the most important celebration of the year. This mainly comes from the cultural thinking that only a guru can provide us the right knowledge, and its wise application, to transcend the capabilities of our mind and intellect that often confine us to mere self-preservation rather than attain self-realization.

Our magnanimous mother nature is one of the most significant gurus in our lives and we should all strive to pay more attention to her because there is infinite learnings that she is ready to offer us. Nature has taught us from the moment we were conceived and since then, has instructed our body and minds on how to perform amazing feats every moment of our lives. Human life is truly a miracle! At The Front, our wonderful teachers help us move past our limitations of body, mind and breath which helps each of us, in myriad ways, align ourselves for higher possibilities – health, peace, happiness or even enlightenment.

On this Guru Purnima, or during the Dakshinayana period, honor the various gifts of possibilities all your gurus have blessed you with and be grateful for all you have achieved in the past. They say it is far easier for a student to find a great guru than for a guru to find an incredible student. So as students, let us always strive to be sincere, committed, and respectful in addition to always being open and receptive to new learnings. Take time every day to be eternally thankful for this phenomenal human body that we knead daily for hours at the yoga studio, in the hope of gaining higher possibilities. In the end, a guru’s grace is second to none and it is only their grace that will give you the needed courage to dive deeper on any path that you pursue – yoga or otherwise.

Om shanti shanti shantihi!


Saturday, August 11 is a new moon, which means we’ll have no Mysore class. Take rest!
Sarah Jane will be out of town August 12 – 15, Sammy will be subbing her classes.