Group Fitness Classes

All group fitness classes are free for members, and guests are welcome with a day pass! Space is limited, so you must sign up for a class in advance! You may sign up here or on the MINDBODY app. 

Due to limited class sizes, there is a $5 charge for each no-show or late cancellation (less than 24 hours notice). If you have signed up for a class and you know you won’t be able to attend, please go to your MINDBODY app and cancel your registration at least 24 hours prior to the class time to avoid a charge and to give the spot to someone else. 

Please note: All of the group fitness classes are in The Front Training Room (the original Front building) on the 2nd floor.

Questions? Email us at!

Meet the Fitness Instructors

I grew up in the biggest little city in the world, Reno, NV. Throughout my life, I have always been active. Starting at the young age of five I was participating in multiple sports such as skiing, softball, soccer and gymnastics. Being physically active was naturally a part of who I was (and am) as a person. But as I got older I realized that physical fitness is just one part of it all. I have since then dedicated my time to understanding holistic health (spiritual, environmental, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational and nutritional) as well as being an endurance mountain athlete (trail running, cycling, skiing, hiking and rock climbing). Certified in ACE Personal Training I have taught skiing, HIIT, TRX, functional movement and indoor cycling.

In my classes, we work on the mind, body and confidence by challenging you from the inside out. HIIT Force will test out your cardiovascular endurance as well as strength. Being body positive means we open the doors to all fitness levels. Focusing on functional movement, correcting range of motion, building strength through slower dynamic moves –  this will help correct imbalances within our muscles and tendons. You can expect a challenge in my workouts, but also a friendly and safe environment to fail, learn and grow and to bring the best version of yourself out.

Bonnie loves walking into the studio, shedding her corporate skin and cranking up the jams. She’s an energetic instructor who wants you to be dripping sweat and pushing your limits Just watch out for the abs – she makes those babies burn! When she’s not in the studio she is hard to find. If she’s not climbing rocks, she’s slaying the slopes, making waterski runs or jet setting to find adventures. Her passion is contagious, and you’ll leave her classes smiling.

Brittany is a small town girl from Nevada who moved to Utah in 2012.  The new access she had to outdoor recreation helped her to live a more active lifestyle and gave her the opportunity to be closer to nature. Being active outside helped her to live a more wholesome life full of love and gratitude. This fueled her passion for health and wellness so she became an ACE certified personal trainer, an ACE group fitness instructor, yoga teacher and a wilderness first responder.

Her theory on exercise is work hard in the gym so that you can be better outside doing the activities you love. She understands that it is hard to stay focused in the gym when you are daydreaming about being in the mountains so her classes are high energy, fun and never the same. When you step into her class expect a sweaty workout that will challenge your body and your mind! Brittany loves to teach because she gets to help others understand their true potential and push past their physical and mental limitations.

Outside of the gym, you will find her road cycling up the canyons, slacklining in Liberty Park, playing the ukulele or curled up with a strong cup of coffee and a good book.

Hello! My name is Darlene Neth, I was born and raised in West Valley City, Utah. I was a trainer at Vasa Fitness for two years and learned many amazing skills and techniques on how to be a better trainer mentally and physically. I am a certified functional strength coach through Mike Boyle Level 1 and 2. I am also TRX suspension qualified.

I currently teach TRX and Recovery here at The Front which I absolutely love. I like to incorporate full body movements focusing on form, pace and keeping an upbeat vibe with my energy and music. My Recovery class is super chill, focusing on rolling out the entire body and getting deep into those muscles to release any tension that has built up. I’m a free spirit that that loves to go on adventures to explore and learn new things. I also love to dance, listen to music, climb, enjoy mother nature and do artsy stuff! I am so grateful for the life I live and will continue to keep growing to be the best version of myself and to share my light to the world!

My name is Donovan Allen, but everyone calls me Dono. I’m originally from SLC and moved back here three years ago. I’m an avid climber and dog dad – I’ve been to 48 states and three countries with my dog! I currently teach HIIT & Cycle Cross at The Front. During my classes, you can expect underground music and upbeat mash-ups as well as a team-oriented style of class. As a former youth Gymnastics coach and training obsessed climber, you can also expect stabilization and mobility exercises geared towards building a strong foundation for climbing/mountain fitness.

2+ years experience coaching gymnastics
2+ years experience training for climbing
STC TRX certified

My name is Erin Storck and I have been teaching fitness classes at The Front for about a year and a half. I have over five years of experience personal training, two of which are with The Front. I am ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, Certified Schwinn Spin Instructor and TRX Instructor. I am currently teaching TRX Training, Mountain Fitness and Recovery. From my classes, you can expect high energy and proper form! My passions are snowboarding, backcountry skiing, mountain running, climbing and strength training!

As a Salt Lake City native and avid climber, I have a strong appreciation for the mountain sports Utah has to offer. I approach fitness with this mindset: If we take care of the bodies we have, we can do the sports we love longer, and maybe even a little bit better. Teaching is my passion. I love helping others achieve their goals and push their limits. My classes are personalized and thrive off of group energy and motivation – working out is more fun with friends! You can expect awesome playlists, balanced full body workouts and, as always, some CORE!

Inspired by the results and experience had throughout two years of training with the Front Training Room, I’m now pursuing my own Personal Trainer certification.

I was born and raised in Virginia and moved out to Utah four years ago. I’ve instructed skiing, swimming, ballet and gymnastics, and am excited to add cardio and core as well as cycle barre to the list. In my own climbing I focus on setting measurable goals and celebrating each small improvement. As an instructor, I strive to do the same for my students. When not climbing or instructing, I can be found studying Chemistry with a cat on my lap.

Sofia Gorder works as a body practitioner, dancer, choreographer, movement educator and arts administrator in SLC. She has spent a lifetime studying kinesiology, choreography, bodywork, dance and wellness. She is known for building platforms for immersive learning through the arts, embodiment, and community forums. She loves creating opportunities for people to explore the internal landscape through the engagement of the physical body. She believes that the body can serve as a healing mechanism that exposes unhealthy mental-emotional patterns and reroutes them through pushing the limits of our physical capacity.

What People Are Saying About...

Brittany's Cycle Cross class: Awesomely hard as hell.

Darlene's Recovery class: Foam roller, lacrosse ball for trigger points, great music and relaxation time too. Loved the class!

Dono's Core for Climbers class: Dono did an awesome job of fixing up the variation in core exercises. Loved the extension exercises and holding poses. Felt the burn for sure.

Hayley's Cycle Cross class: Hayley is the absolute BEST!!! I have been going to her classes for months and she always kicks my butt, in a good way. She has a fantastic, fun energy about her! She is always mixing it up and every class is unique, you can tell she has a passion for fitness! I started as a complete novice and she helped me feel comfortable right away. Her classes are amazing and so fun, I look forward to going to them. Plus Hayley has a great taste in music :).

Hayley's Mountain Fitness class: She was awesome. No wasted time which is one of my biggest pet peeves in classes. Explained circuits quickly and got us working!