Get to Know Your Space: Part 2

Get to Know Your Space: Part 2

  • Posted by Jackie Russell
  • On December 2, 2017
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Oh the ol' BBW - We see you standing there in our 2nd floor training space. Prominent. Bold. Blank. Unused. Smirking over our climbers doing crunches on the pad at your base. Well, your days of looking smug are over - we've recruited TheFTR climbing coach India Meyer to figure you out and we are going to put you to use! Those climbers who once suffered below you are about to be all over you, because they are about to learn:

10 Exercises on the BBW
That Are Better Than Crunches!

1 | Handstand Walkout

What it's good for: Handstand progressions, core stability.

Pro tip: Move slowly and maintain tension through your core and legs throughout the movement!

2 | Scapular Wall Slides

What it's good for: Increasing mobility in the shoulders and scapular stability.

Pro tip: Focus on keeping your lower back against the wall. It is ok if you aren’t mobile enough yet to keep your arms against the wall!

3 | Wall Plank Up & Downs

What it's good for: Core tension and shoulder stability.

Pro tip: Keep your hips stable and low when you put your hands on the wall!

4 | Seated Leg Raises

What it's good for: Lower core tension and hip mobility.

Pro tip: Press through your fingertips and hold the top position for as long as you can before lowering!

5 | Diagonal Wall Balls With Squat

What it's good for: Full body workout – legs, core, arms.

Pro tip: Push off the foot furthest from the wall as you rotate your hips toward the wall!

6 | Bosu Ball Wall Balls

What it's good for: Balance, stability, leg strength.

Pro tip: Try to maintain as deep a squat as possible, squeeze your core, throw the ball hard enough that it comes to you without having to lean forward!

7 | Headstand Leg Raises

What it's good for: Headstand progression, core stability.

Pro tip: Externally rotate your wrists so your fingers are facing away from the wall, push through your hands to raise your legs to starting, try to maintain core tension through the full range of motion!

8 | Bosu Ball Pike

What it's good for: Shoulder stability, core tension.

Pro tip: Hold your hands on the outside of the bosu ball, tuck your hips when in the plank (but don’t drop them!) and press through your shoulders to come into the pike!

9 | Lateral Wall Ball

What it's good for: Full core tension, building power, coordination.

Pro tip: The harder you throw the ball the easier it will be to catch it. Twist from the waist and use the momentum of the rotation for your power!

10 | Quad Stretch

What it's good for: Balance, mobility, stretching the quads (duh).

Pro tip: Your knee doesn’t need to be right against the wall if you aren’t mobile enough yet. Practice shifting your hips forward and back to get a deeper stretch in the top of your quad!

Thanks for the help, India!

Watch out BBW - We're coming for you!

P.S. Practice makes perfect! It might take a few times to get it right, but if India could figure out how to catch the ball, anyone can! 😀