Introducing Our New Neighbor – The Gail Miller Resource Center

Introducing Our New Neighbor – The Gail Miller Resource Center

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On September 27, 2019
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The Gail Miller Resource Center (GMRC) is Salt Lake’s newest resource center offering aid to the city’s homeless population. Located at 242 W. Paramount Ave, the modern space is just a few blocks away from The Front and can shelter up to 200 men and women in a safe, caring and effective environment. It is operated by Catholic Community Services (CCS) and owned by the local nonprofit Shelter the Homeless.

Originally from St. George, Matthew Melville (pictured below) earned a degree from the University of Utah in political science. After a friend told him of an open position working in refugee resettlement with Catholic Community Services, he jumped at the opportunity. Now, Matt has worked his way up to become the Director of Homeless Services and has an amazing staff of nearly 100 people, and we’re psyched to call him a friend and a long-time member at our gym. We’re always ecstatic when our community invests their time and, in this case, life, into causes that we’re passionate about, too.

“I was drawn to The Front because of its impact in the community,” Matt said. “I like its mindset of supporting other businesses.”

On Friday, September 6, the GMRC held its open house, where it formally introduced its new space to the community. As another business in the neighborhood, we couldn’t feel more comfortable with the new location due to the thoughtful, effective approach GMRC is taking to ensure residents are respectful, safe and able to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

The GMRC is unique in that it’s currently the only center in Salt Lake that is able to house both men and women, and acts as a one-stop-shop for everything clients might need, from housing, job and family connections to a warm bed and food.

Additionally, the Resource Center will remain open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By doing so, it’ll be able to offer care for clients around the clock. Because of this, Matt and the rest of the GRMC staff are always looking for help through volunteerism and donations. Whether it’s working in the kitchen for a few hours (a kitchen which provides 600,000 free meals per year) or donating clothes no longer needed in your wardrobe, there’s always something for someone to do!

One major way in which CCS assists clients in getting their feet on the ground is through its Kitchen Training Program. The program is a culinary instruction course focused on training individuals in the skills necessary to work in the restaurant industry, receive employment and reach self-sufficiency. The program will be housed at the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall.

According to Matt, the LDS Church donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line equipment and appliances for the program. When students go through the training, they’ll have their own special dormitory, too. The first group of students will be in January 2020.

Other services offered are once-a-month job fairs, laundry, a computer lab, haircuts, legal services and doctor appointments, mostly through other organizations that the GRMC is partnered with.

“We’re creating a new and improved model under one roof so clients don’t have to leave the facility,” Matt said. “But we also don’t want to be a ‘destination.” We’re aiming to provide everything someone might need in order to quickly and responsibility introduce someone back into the community.”

So next time you run into Matt and his adventure pup Hank at the local crags or while pulling plastic in the gym, be sure to give him your biggest thanks for all his hard work, and maybe ask how you can best lend a hand!

If you don’t see Matt in the gym, you can get more information about the Resource Center and find out how to volunteer here: https://ccsutah.org/.