Moon, Kilter, and Tension Boards Now in The Training Room

Moon, Kilter, and Tension Boards Now in The Training Room

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On October 23, 2018
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Led by the increasing popularity of and advances made in training for climbing, we made some changes to our space this summer, all for you! We added more workout square footage and equipment, more training tools, and a dedicated training space, now open to all Front members and guests 16 years and older for your ass-whoopin’ enjoyment. See below for the full gamut of climb-harder train-smarter tools at your disposal in The Training Room!

First Things First: You’re Going to Get Board


Introducing Vertical Solution’s ATP series – User-friendly hydraulic-adjustable boards custom designed just for us. Say goodbye to being limited to just one angle of your favorite training tool. Enjoy 0-45 degrees of training and everything in between!

MoonBoard x2

The Training Room features not one, but two LED MoonBoards. One 40-degree static MoonBoard proudly holding the popular 2016 setup, and one hydraulic adjustable MoonBoard set with the MoonBoard-Masters 2017 holds, so you can enjoy all 20,000+ hard AF problems on the MoonBoard app.

Little known fact: MoonBoards are manufactured right here in Salt Lake City by our very own Vertical Solutions! How cool is that?

Save time, download the app.

Lattice Board

The Training Room welcomes the 5th Lattice Board in a commercial gym in the USA! This climbing assessment tool allows you to compare your strengths and weaknesses to thousands of climbers around the world. To use the board to its full potential, schedule your 2-hour appointment by emailing training@frontslc.com to be carefully evaluated by a one of The Front’s Lattice trained and certified coaches. Your coach will document specific movement patterns and send objective data to a team of climbing masters, who then use a dedicated software for analysis before sending back your climbing and training profile. 

The process is involved and intended for meticulous tracking of climbing training and improvement. See more about the Lattice research and get more performance tips on their blog https://latticetraining.com/blog/.

Kilter Board


Speaking of rare finds, The Training Room also welcomes one of the first Kilter boards in the USA! As the new kid on the market, the Kilter Board came in swingin’! This app-controlled, hydraulic, LED board will have you screaming from your fingers to your toes. A few things that set it apart: These guys know their holds. Ian Powell and Aurora Climbing teamed up to create these truly unique shapes and textures and have set it to light – the whole perimeter of the hold lights up, guiding your path to crush-ville. It is also wider than most of our other boards, featuring an impressive 12 feet of lateral goodness.

With 500+ holds, an interactive app and the ability to set your own problems, if you don’t come out stronger after using this board, you ain’t doing it right.

Save time, download the app.

Tension Board


Ben Spannuth and Will Anglin introduced the Tension Board in 2017 and as expected, it has performed just as well as their unique hangboards due to their decades of climbing and coaching experience and their understanding of training and performance needs. This 8′ x 12’ board stands out, and the first thing you’ll notice? Wood. So much wood. 

As you can imagine, successful training on this board will produce the grip strength of rock-crushing gods! The holds allow for sustained training (you know, they won’t grate your skin off), and the unique mirrored setting ensures moves can be duplicated by both sides of your body.

Save time, download the app.

Spray Wall


We saved this baby by popular demand. The spray wall allows your creativity, or lack thereof, to shine for all with a few hundred holds on a whopping 14 lateral feet of 40 degree angled ridiculousness. The spray wall is great for upper-end circuits (5.13 and harder) and limit-bouldering sessions.



You may think these aren’t worth mentioning, but you’d be wrong, and we are nerds so here we go.

Our hangboards are edgy. Yeah, that’s right. We have seven different hangboards from Beastmaker, Tension, and Trango, with edges from 7-30mm for optimal torture of those fingers who have done nothing to deserve this.

Second Things Second: Check Out These Other Goods!


Despite strong evidence that indicates very few people will make it to this point in the article, we are still psyched to tell you about the other odds and ends we’ve curated for you. Each piece of equipment was hand-selected by a team of our own passionate climbers and coaches – India Meyer, Mike Bockino, and Eddie Morillas – to ensure you have every weight, every band, and every pully you need to climb harder than any of us. We also included a sampling of cardio and strength equipment for your circuits and a dedicated core-work area (with a nice soft pad!).

We can’t wait to see you enjoying the space and, more importantly, sending your projects next spring!