The Front Climbing Club in Salt Lake City is possibly the greenest climbing gym on the planet.  It's the love of the outdoors and mountains that drives us to climb, so what better way to return the favor to our planet than being good stewards of our resources.

Solar Power
Our 7.6kw solar system is now fully functional and producing power. Since installation in November '10, we produce over 10 megawatts (Mw) of power per year - you can see the actual power in the charts below. As summer approaches, each sunny day adds up 35kw/h of energy into the electrical grid.
Wind Power Offset
In addition to our solar power generation, The Front participates in the Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky program by offsetting 100% of our power consumption with wind generation electricity. This program helps develop wind power generation by purchasing from newly developed facilities that deliver to to our regional grid.
Free Glass Recycing
In our continual effort to help us all be a better resident of the planet, we have worked with Salt Lake City's Recycling Program to locate two glass recycling bins in the parking of the SLC gym. So, no longer do you have to feel guilty about throwing glass away, or hiding that giant glass pile from your neighbors. No more extra trips to the glass recyclery. Save time. Reduce emissions. Recycle more. Just bring your empties to the gym. Is that cool or what!?