Competition Overview

Each year The Front throws some of the best competitions around (see: Di'namik & Deadpoint). During every competition, there are a few Redpoint sessions and one Finals. Both Citizens and Open competitors participate in 1 Redpoint session. There are usually 3 Redpoint sessions to choose from, pick whatever works best for you. Then the top six female and top six male Open competitors (V8+) will continue onto Finals where they compete to take home their share of the cash purse!

Registration & Divisions

Who can compete?
Anyone! Every competitor is entered into a raffle to win sweet gear from our sponsors. Competitors also receive a comp shirt and tickets to watch the pros compete in finals!

Can I still register the day of?
Yes, you can register right before competing. However, we encourage your to register online in advance to speed up check-in lines.

What categories can I enter in?
All 5 categories are shown below, each is split by men and women.


V0 to V2


V3 to V5


V5 to V7


V8+ (competes for finals)


Any level for ages 35+


First and foremost, our comps are meant to be fun and to establish camaraderie within our community. These are a great way to meet and climb with those who share your love of the sport. We encourage you to be supportive of your fellow climber.

Some guidelines for how to act:
« Wait your turn and be courteous
« Stay off the pads if you're not climbing
« Be safe – don't walk, run, or climb under others
« Don't get frustrated, stay positive and have fun!

First time?
« Be sure to watch others for beta
« Pace yourself – remember it's a timed event, not a race
« Relax and rest
« Don't take it too seriously! Don't be intimidated by the term "competition"

How does scoring work?

You keep track of your own score card throughout the comp! Every problem has a point value. A problem is complete after you grab the top rail. The point value less any 'fall value' is your score for that problem.

Any time you fail attempting a problem, subtract the fall value from your final score for that problem if you end up completing it.

The event fall value is posted on your score card and may differ between each event. You can only score once for each problem.

Your final score is the sum of your top five problem scores.

Scoring example: 687 problem - 150 falls = 537 total.

Don't fret—scoring will be explained in detail before every session.

The Sweet Stuff

The top three women and top three men from the Open category will go home with their share of the cash purse.

Citizens competitors, regardless of where you place in your division, are likely to go home with some rad stuff!

Prizes work like a raffle. Upon check in, your name goes into our prize raffle. Throughout the comp, we'll randomly call out prize winners!

Prizes typically include everything from crash pads, climbing shoes, day trip backpacks, gift certificates, and more!