Discover HawkWatch During Climb On

Discover HawkWatch During Climb On

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On July 16, 2019
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Every year, The Front offers its original Climb On youth summer camp where participants, ages 6 – 13, learn climbing fundamentals such as rope work, movement and the proper use of climbing equipment.

During this process, kids learn problem solving, goal setting, self-awareness and perseverance, all while making friends and exploring new talents in a supportive environment. In addition to learning life-long skills that can be utilized in the gym, on the rock and in everyday lives, there are fun games like capture the flag, as well as special features.

One special feature is a collaboration with HawkWatch International, a global organization founded in 1986 that aims to conserve our environment through education, long-term monitoring and scientific research on raptors as indicators of ecosystem health.

“HWI conducts outreach to the climbing community on ways to reduce our impacts. We perform surveys at some climbing areas, such as the Wasatch Front, West Desert, Maple Canyon and Indian Creek to inform land managers and the climbing community about the location of sensitive nesting areas,” said Eric Chabot, research biologist with HWI. “We facilitate discussions between those groups on the best way to manage possible impacts.”

During our July 8th Climb On session, HWI made an appearance, along with several birds, such as an owl and peregrine falcon, for the kids to ask questions and see first-hand. “Many people find birds of prey fascinating – seeing a raptor up close can be a really powerful experience,” Chabot said.

Birds like peregrine falcons directly tie into the climbing community when, each year, crags we love and climb on temporarily close to protect their habitat. When HWI speaks to our future senders about topics like this, it ensures that the climbing environments we love to play in will be conserved and treated with respect for years to come.

“We believe that giving young people, and future climbers in particular, a chance to connect with birds of prey will help them become responsible stewards of the environment and, in this case, of the climbing resources we share with raptors.”

Luckily, HWI is working with Climb On for another session this summer, on July 29th. Visit our Summer Camps webpage to register your young crusher for this camp and others like it.

…Climb On!!!