Climbing Up For Air 2020 Recap

Climbing Up For Air 2020 Recap

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On February 24, 2020
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Climbing Up For Air 2020 has officially wrapped up and you. ALL. CRUSHED!!! This past Sunday we witnessed 220 laps(!!) on pink dot boulder problems, an incredibly crafty crew of climbers making beautiful rope rugs, some folks with cat-like-Oreo-flippin reflexes and the biggest forearms we’ve ever seen in our life!

The action began at 10 a.m. with 4- and 8-hour groups starting off HOT! The most ambitious participants stuck around til 6 p.m., while a second wave of 4-hour participants joined midday. But as the event’s end neared, even the most pumped climbers laced up their shoes to squeeze in some final pitches, all for a chance to win some b.e.a.utiful mugs hand made by Kim Hall of Alpine Earthworks Pottery, not to mention arguably the year’s proudest bragging rights.

Speaking of winners, shout out to Elsa Kerr who took first place for the women’s 4-hour sesh with a total of 74 laps completed; first-place winner Daniel Arroyo of the men’s 4-hour block, who lapped 203 total problems; Robyn Ragins, who won the women’s 8-hour session for a second year in a row, having lapped 108 routes; and Matthew Irwin, who stood on top of the podium in the men’s 8-hour period, with 315 final laps.

Though he didn’t score the most amount of points, BIG shout out to Colin McDermott who climbed 341 total routes – the most of any competitors!!! (We’re pooped just thinking about it!)

The Front Ogden didn’t hold out, either!! Cody Lee took first place, having climbed over 100 pitches! And with 113 total participants, the clean air attitude was very much alive with our neighbors in the north!

But hey, regardless of how many routes you climbed, we’re peelin’ off the wall in our normal sessions around hour one or two, so it’s safe to say we’re wildly impressed by each and every one of you!! Plus, while getting in a killer workout with your best friends, you also supported and helped raise money for Breathe Utah and Utah Clean Energy – two local organizations that fight for cleaner air along the Wasatch.

CUFA may be over (for this year, anyway 😉), but we can sense that the energy to better our air quality is still high!! If you’re amped on fighting the good fight, join our Impact Coalition to continue supporting clean air and other great causes all year long.

*There are still a few Up For Air events left in 2020, so we’ll report back on the final total amount we helped raise!*