Climb, Wine, & Dine

Head down to our 2nd annual Climb, Wine, & Dine event to celebrate the women of our community! We’re putting on an incredible evening of women’s-only clinics led by amazing female athletes.

After the clinics, everyone (guys, too) is welcome to join us in the courtyard for food, drinks, a keynote presentation from Winslow Passey, and live music from Michelle Moonshine.

Many thanks to our sponsors: Petzl, Black Diamond, Adidas, Five Ten, Utah Mountain Adventures, Pusher Holds, Backcountry, Scarpa, Mammut, Bear House Mountain Guides, Arc’teryx.

Women's-Only Clinics

We have 10 clinics to choose from with instructors such as Nina Williams and Michaela KierschClinics are 2 hours each and start at 4pm and 6:30pm. Each clinic only allows for a certain amount of participants, so be sure to sign up early to reserve your top clinic preferences! Tickets are just $25 for members (+5 for guests), and include 2 clinics, 1 drink ticket, and entry to events after the clinics! 

« AcroYoga Christian & Christy with Professional Circus Acrobats of Duo Meraki
« Barbell Training* Erin Storck with The Front Training Room
« Dynamic Movement Michaela Kiersch with Adidas and Petzl
« Falling On Lead Jules Jimreivat with Black Diamond
« Multi-Pitch Basics Sandy Moore with The Front Climbing Club
« Projecting A Route Jacinda Hunter with Mammut
« Slopers 101 Nina Williams with Black Diamond
« Strength Training for Climbers** India Meyer with The Front Training Room
« Trad Anchors Winslow Passey with Utah Mountain Adventures
« Yoga on the Rocks*** Sarah Jane Burkholz with The Front Climbing Club

Keynote Speaker & Live mUsic (Open to everyone)

If you aren’t already at The Front for the clinics, head to our courtyard around 8:30pm for the keynote presentation, live music from Michelle Moonshine, prizes, food, and drinks! This portion of the event is included in your ticket if you went to the clinics. If you’re coming for the after party only, tickets are $10 at the door. Guys, you’re welcome to join for this part!

Our special keynote speaker this year is Winslow Passey. Winslow has been a professional mountain guide since 2000, guiding in areas such as Nepal, Mongolia, Alaska, Antarctica, South America and the Western United States. She will be discussing the power of the mind and how to use it to improve your climbing ability!

*Barbell Training: This clinic covers weightlifting progressions to feel more confident in the gym. Learn how to use and set-up barbells, dumbbells, and the cable machine. We will show you proper form and movement so you can feel confident and comfortable to train harder for climbing or whatever your sport is. We will cover a wide range of muscle groups and lifts including progressions for squat, deadlift, chest press, overhead press, row, and core.

**Strength Training for Climbers: Learn about the basics of strength training for climbing, including how to get fingers of steel, pull holds down to your waist, get a core that can withstand any roof, and strong oppositional muscles that will keep you balanced and less injury prone. We will discuss and practice the use of common climbing tools such as the hangboard, pinch blocks, gymnastics rings, resistance bands, and the pull-up bar. In this clinic, we will review regressions and progressions for each exercise to cater to each participants ability level.

***Yoga on the Rocks: Climbing is often thought of as “freestyle vertical yoga.” Learn some yogic techniques to take you to the next level in climbing as well as some yoga asanas, breathing practices, and stretches that can be used to prevent injury and keep your body and mind feeling harmoniously balanced. Our instructor, Sarah Jane, has been guiding climbers through their personal yoga practices at The Front since 2010 and specializes in Ashtanga yoga.