Success Story: Cleaning Sport Anchors

Success Story: Cleaning Sport Anchors

  • Posted by Kaleigh
  • On February 15, 2018
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With spring around the corner, The Front is helping prepare climbers who want to take their climbing skills outside. As part of our Confident Climbing Series, we're offering a Cleaning Sport Anchors class where students learn how to correctly lower off a sport climb after leading it. This series is also designed to help further create climbers for life by expanding climber’s education and experience as they begin to think about venturing outside of the gym!

Our first Cleaning Sport Anchors class took place last week and students reported having more confidence in their ability to clean and lower from a climb as they get one step closer to learning how to sport climb outside!

One student from Tuesday’s class, Robbi, said that she “valued a new way of learning how to lower off of a climb” and that she “has more confidence in my ability to apply it to my ultimate goal of climbing outside.” She especially enjoyed learning how to clean an anchor in ground school before “stress-proofing” her learning by leading a climb and cleaning her anchor at the top of The School Room's wall. She said that the step-by-step instruction helped improve her critical thinking so that she not only knew the sequence of how to lower off of a climb but also knew why she was doing it.

Echoing this, another student, PJ, said she “appreciated the instructor's attention to detail” and enjoyed how he taught her the use and limitations of different pieces of equipment. This, in turn, helped her to make a plan on the ground and pre-rig her equipment, which led to her feeling more comfortable when preparing to clean her anchor and lower from the top of the wall.

The curriculum in the class is a taste of what it is taught in The Front’s Plastic to Classic class offering, which will be coming back within the next couple months! In Plastic to Classic, students spend two sessions in the gym learning how to clean climbs via lowering and rappelling before they spend a half-day outside with Bear House Mountain Guiding applying the same skills at a local crag. The Front is excited to offer such joint outings with Bear House and we're planning on adding new classes with them soon! Members have expressed interest in learning how to multi-pitch and trad climb, so stay tuned on our Climbing Classes page for some exciting, new classes this spring!