With which of the following statements do you agree? (Select all that apply.)
A. I love climbing
B. I love climbing with friends
C. There’s no such thing as too much climbing
D. There’s no such thing as too many friends

If you selected any of the above, you are a great fit for our 2019 Bouldering League!

Next Steps

  1. Gather your 4 or 5 closest friends or complete strangers that you’ve been waiting for an excuse to talk to
  2. Sign up for the 2019 league
  3. Climb your hardest with your old or new besties on fresh problems each week for six weeks
  4. Tally your top scores for:
    • Special winner’s prizes
    • Team photo featured on our brand new Bouldering League Hall of Fame
    • Bragging rights for 12 months!

Registration Includes

✔ Participant prize (because, 2019)
✔ Gnarly Nutrition Swag
✔ Cool new friends, or cooler old ones
✔ A real good time!

Winners Announced: June 19th (At our Summer Solstice party!)

Dates & Cost

League runs from May 6th to June 14th
You must register your team by April 30th to get the participant prize
$125 per team (made up of 4-5 people)

How It Works

Every Monday afternoon, 20 new boulder problems ranging from 100 points (easiest) to 2000 points (hardest) will be set and labeled for the league. Your team will have a full week to do as many of the problems as possible. Climb together with your team (or separately if you can’t make it) and record your scores online by Sunday evening each week: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Boulderingleague. We’ll tally up your team’s score, which will be made up of each member’s top 3 scores.

the rules

Teams must be coed with 4-5 team members (at least 2 females per team)
Must have a team name
Scorecards must be turned in electronically each week by Sunday night: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Boulderingleague
Only the top 3 scores per participant will be used for weekly team scoring
Points can only be counted if the problem is climbed from start to finish without falling
Problems do not need to be flashed to count points
Problems range from 100 (easiest) to 2000 pounds (hardest)
Highest team score at the end of the season is the winner