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Now it's easier to find the new routes. The border and shading of the 'New Routes Table' indicates age.  Grey border -- less than a week old.  Grey background -- within the last 3 days. Check it out.
What is this? - The Front Climbing Club is developing a unique training system to help you climb better and get more from your visit to The Front.  Today it tracks the routes on the wall.  Tomorrow it will be your personal coach and more.  Interested, click below to learn more.

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What is this? You may have noticed that all the routes on the wall are now labeled with a 4-digit code.  These are unique identifiers for each route we build.  With this identifier, you will be able to:
    - find the new, or popular, routes that match your ability
    - give feedback about the routes to The Front and our route setters
    - rate the routes, and see the ratings from the others 
    - track your workout; see the grades of the routes you climb
    - compare your progress (anonymously) with others
Why is this good?  You get better, and The Front gets better.  You get better because the system will challenge you to try routes that are slightly harder than the average routes you're currently climbing.  Think it as a personal coach, moving you to the next level.  The Front gets better because we get your feedback on the routes.  Our route setters improve their technique; popular routes stay, new routes get better and match the abilities of our climbers.
What's Next.  If this works out as planned.  Not only will the system be your personal coach, it will automatically grade every route, not based on one person's opinion, but on how everyone actually climbs that route.  Once we have an analytic method for grading for each route, we can compare your ability with the other climbers, and we can create a fair grading system for comps -- much like the Golf Handicap.   Like a golf handicap, people of different abilities can then compete with each other on equal terms.
What you see here is just the beginning.  Feedback to the concept and implementation would be greatly appreciated .
The Front Staff

How Routes are graded

All the routes in the gym are color coded.  The color represents its level of difficulty.  Yellow, blue, green, red, black.  Yellow being the easiest and black the hardest.

The Front maintains a distribution of route to satisfy climbers of all levels.  Check-out what's currently on the wall:

    Grade Count
  Yellow 15
  Blue 11
  Blue+ 14
  Green- 17
  Green 16
  Green+ 13
  Red- 17
  Red 12
  Red+ 6
  Black 9

Where the routes are

The wall at The Front is divided into sections.  Sections help locate a route, but also identify the different topologies of the wall.  The number of routes per section are shown below:



New Routes

We typically do most of the route work on Sunday evening, but new routes can appear at any time.  How many new routes are there? (a week is Sunday thru Saturday)

  When Count
  This week 23
Last week 27

Where are the new routes?

The table below shows the route labels for the new routes for this week and the previous week. A grey border for routes less then a week old, and a grey background for new within the last 3 days. (hold your mouse over the route ID to see more info)
(no new routes found)
The Front Climbing Club
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